DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Hey Kirinn, i found a trick you might want to know about.

Making Kimahri a thief, at least to start, was the fricking _best_ thing ever.

I got to the fight with Biran and Yenke, and along with getting three new Ronso Rages (including Mighty Guard and White Wind) I also found out that you can steal Level 3 Key Spheres from them if Kimahri knows steal :)

So i stole, and i stole, and i stole, then had some trouble stealing so i did Jinx and Luck for awhile, then stole some more. And just for icing on the cake, while i was doing all the stealing he also learned the Rook and Loner overdrive methods :)

After about five minutes of steal failures i figured they were all dry, when suddenly he got a Level 3 Key Sphere x 2 from the weak one! (Yenke?) That was enough to convince me to try for another five or ten minutes, with lots of misses until he finally got a single sphere, at which point i decided to call it quits. So i overkilled the weak guy, and the strong guy went beserk and started attacking me. I just sat there alternating healing and stealing while waiting for my Overdrive to charge so i could overkill him as well.

My Overdrive finally charged up and i decided to do one last steal before finishing him off, and got another Level 3 Key Sphere x 2 :)

Then when the battle was over, perhaps because of all the Luck i'd been doing, i got the rare Friend Spheres from both of them :) Although i'm not really sure if the rare Friend Spheres are really better than the common Return Spheres.

All told i got 3 Ronso Rages, 2 Overdrive modes, _12_ Level 3 Key Spheres, and 4 Friend Spheres. It took about 45 minutes, and 55 Hi-Potions, but i think it was worth it :)

This is fairly good timing too, since every single character other than Kimahri has run into the Level 3 Locks at the end of their routes.


In other news I've unlocked three of the special monsters at the Arena, only one of which i can actually beat. Luckily i can get Return Spheres from that one, which i've decided are insanely usefull. I used one to send Kimahri straight to the begining of Wakka's area, saving about six or seven of his sphere levels, and got a few more that i can use for things like sending Lulu back to the double magic area once i have the Lv 4 Key spheres to unlock it (since Lv 3 isn't a problem anymore =)

And after fighting about a dozen ghosts i finally got an armor with Null Encounters, yay!


Well THAT was the shortest battle ever

Come out of the Mt. Gargarat(sp) caves and encounter the Sanctuary Keeper. Yuna gets her turn, and then the Keeper does Photon Wings and fucks up everyones' status. Yuna is the only one not confused, and she's asleep =P.Auron kills Wakka. Auron kills Yuna. Auron gets whacked awake by the Keeper, but this is Auron, so before he manages to get his turn again he gets Mana Breathed to death by the Keeper, Game Over =P

Okay, take two... muuuuuch better.

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