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*sigh* 2 weeks :(

Tried playing some FF10 yesterday, and it just doesn't seem as fun as it used to be, but that's probably just me.

Had lunch with catbird and her coworker. Since the coworker was along we just did the lunch and no videos afterwards, but she promised to make up for it on saturday.

Morna called and asked if i wanted to hang out, but then she found out that Bricriu was heading home already and they were planning on dinner, and i wasn't feeling very hungry so i decided to just stay at home.

sithjawa IMed me a few hours later and asked if i was interested in dinner. I was feeling hungrier at that point, and i hadn't seen her in almost two weeks, so i said sure. We went out to Tokyo Kitchen and had some sushi. We had a really cute waitress wearing a sorta tank-toppy shirt. I think Caithris had a few like that.

Unfortunatly sithjawa was busy, so didn't get to hang out after dinner, just dropped her off at her apartment and drove home.

After getting home i talked to rahvina on IM for awhile and then played some more FF10, then went to bed about 3 or 4 after i was mostly too tired to think.

Had a very strange dream last night. What was even stranger was that i remembered most of it.

For some reason i was living in a new, very large, apartment complex. I also seemed to still be going out with Caithris.

Then someone threw some kind of large Ren themed party at the complex. It was set up kind of like the parties at Mudd, with people from outside the complex being expected to show up and pay i think.

So we went to the party, and don't really remember what we did. I think there might have been some talking to people and wandering about to different parts involved. (It was a pretty large party, covered at least a few buildings) Either i blanked on part or the dream just kind of skipped to the end. The party ended and we wandered outside with everyone else just for the hell of it, but then we couldn't get back inside the complex because security was trying to get everyone out. I don't remember if we tried to explain that we lived there, but if we did it didn't make any difference. Finally we managed to sneak around one side and get in through a door that was cracked open. It led into some kind of large emptyish room, like a rec center or a theatre or something.

I think there were a couple people we knew inside, and we talked to them for a bit. Then either because of talking to them or just magically i just knew that Patri had organized the party, and that he was planning on doing it again next year. I don't know why this mattered. I also seemed to recall that there were a lot of other people i knew living in the complex. Not sure if the people we were talking to were the people who lived there or party-goers who hadn't left yet.

Then for some reason it cut to us being outside again. Either before the cut or shortly afterwards i had a memory that we'd driven there from home, i'm not sure what home it was, but the map i remembered looking at looked vaguely similar to the area near my parents' place. So we got into the car and started driving around, except instead of driving home we started looking for another parking place, which is really bizare. Then i saw a place where i could park but it was on the other side of the street. So at the next stop sign i started doing a u-turn, but the turning radius of the car wasn't short enough, so i had to do a three point turn. Then some guy coming along the cross street fairly fast decided not to slow down or stop for us and just nailed rear corner of the car and kept going. The car stopped working so we got out and looked at it and the corner was smashed in and the rear wheel was kind of bent our of alignment.

At that point i started stressing out and wondering how i'd explain it to the insurance company, and then suddenly the car was a rental, and i was wondering if i'd paid for the special no worry insurance thing.

Then i woke up.

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