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I had lunch with Kialyn yesterday and we watched the pilot for Dark Angel.

After dropping her back off at work i filled out a "pre-interview" form one of the companies I'm applying to through the recruiters. It was kind of a quiz thing with lots of generic CS questions, hopefully i did okay.

Had breakfast/lunch with Morna this morning and we watched the last episode of "I, Claudius" before she went to work.

I've got nothing else to do now until i hear more back about the current set of companies. I could try to find another book to read. (Finished up Dragon of Despair on monday) Or i could try to play FF10, or i could go lie in bed and maybe take a nap. Leaning towards the nap thing right now.

catbird, thaisa, sithjawa, if any of you wants to do anything tonight or anytime else this week just poke at me about it, either through IM or LJ or just by giving me a call.
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