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Saturday and Sunday

Had dinner with Morna and Bricriu on saturday, and then went to see Chronicles of Riddick with Morna. I thought Riddick was pretty good, and don't see why the reviewers were so harsh on it.

Sunday went out to Usqueba and Dieppe's place with Morna and Bricriu and did gaming. Morna got tired after three or four hours though so we mostly just hung out after that.

Yesterday was emotionally a sucky day, and i have no oncrete idea of why really. I was even getting depressed thinking that the last time i'd had Costco cookies, which we had at lunch at Dieppe and Usqueba's place, was with Caithris at her house back in March.

I got home about 11ish and was feeling a little tired, but my bed seemed so empty and alone that i didn't want to go to sleep. This was kind of a strange reaction since the last time i got to sleep with Caitrhis was several months ago, but i guess just having her in my thoughts made me feel less alone at night.

So i ended up staying up until about 4 or 5 am, at which point i collapsed from exhaustion and didn't get up until about 11:30.

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