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I've been thinking about trying to get back into FF10, but somehow getting up and turning on the PS2 seems like too much effort. I thought about trying to play something on the PC instead, but i can't seem to manage anything more intensive than solitaire.

Playing with spreadsheets seems to be within my emotional cappacity at the moment however, so i've been trying to figure out what to do for my blitzball team once i feel up to playing the game.

I want to keep the same team throughout the game, kicking people out because someone else gets beter at level X just seems kind of cruel. So i'm making my decisions based on people's stats at level 99, and i figure i'll just deal with any difficulties along the way.

Why are there no good female Goalies? Miyu shows up at #11, and she has a catch of 37 compared to Nimrook's 67. I think i'm just going to have to go with Nimrook, i'd consider Wedge except he doesn't have the right techs, and there's nobody else really interesting in the top few.

I have to have Tidus on the team of course, and Wakka because of that silly sentimentality thing. I'm hoping that they let you have more than six players on your team so i have some room for some alternate forwards. I'm thinking of picking two from Larbeight, Vilucha, and Shaami.

Lots of choices for Middle Forward and Deffense: Kulukan, Ropp, Linna, Vuroja, Kiyuri, and possibly Mifurey because of her above average speed.

Currently I'm considering:

Forwards: Tidus and Wakka
Alt Forwards: Vilucha and Shaami
Middle: Linna
Defenders: Kulukan and Kiyuri
Goalie: Nimrook

Interestingly that would leave the Kilika Beasts mostly intact, which would make a good challenge at higher levels.

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