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31 July 2001 @ 04:41 pm
stupid beuracracy  
I was told by the people in the Fullerton Post Office that my forward to General Delivery would only be good for one month.

So today I went into the Irvine Post Office and tried to get a Post Office Box since I don't have an actual address yet to forward the mail to. They have a form you need to fill out, and you are required to show two forms of ID and give them a current address.

I don't _have_ a current address! That's the problem! Since I needed to put something there to get a P.O. Box I put down the address of Shawkial and Gwri's apartment, and now they're going to verify that I'm reveiving mail there, so I need to ask Shawkial to put a note in the mailbox that says that I actually exist there.

If it weren't for Shawkial and Gwri giving me a place to stay, I would probably be living out of a motel, what would they have me do in that case?

stupid stupid catch 22 stuff!
Current Mood: grumpygrumpy