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It's that old Cactaur trick! "Ambushed!" "Run Away!" Leaving the party wondering, "What was that?"

So far Wakka has been the only person able to physically hit a Cactaur. Luckily he's also the strongest so he can kill them in one hit. So far he's managed to nail them about four out of five times. Unfortunatly the real trick is getting it so everyone can get experience. Luckily Tidus' slow works on them, which is usually enough time to give everyone a chance to do something as long as the Cactaur doesn't run for it's first move.

In other news, while wandering around in the desert i've found that it's a lot easier to get six people into a fight than seven :) It really sucks that Yuna is missing out on all this experience though :(

And i'd like to know, why the hell did i find a Level _4_ Key Sphere in Home long before i found any Level 3 Key Spheres?

I could use it right now to get Zombie Attack for Auron. Or if i wait until i find a Level 3 Sphere i could get Doublecast for Lulu.

So let me guess, beating Sin somehow necesitates the summoner dying, right? Hence Braska's demise and why the Al Bhed are kidnapping the summoners to keep them safe.

Really geeky stuff:

This is based on when he had 31 spheres, but he's up to 47 now. I'm not sure how much that changes things, but i'm not sure i want to go through it again :)

Kimahri's starting stats:
HP 2044 MP 158
STR 22 DEF 19 MAG 26 MDF 7
AGL 13 LUC 22 EVA 5 ACC 9

If he continued down the thief path:
(Luck, Spare Change, 3 steps from Mug (which seems pretty useless))
HP 3044 MP 238
STR 28 DEF 23 MAG 34 MDF 11
AGL 25 LUC 22 EVA 5 ACC 16

If he went down Wakka's path:
(Dark Attack, Silence Attack, Aim, 1 step from Sleep Attack)
HP 2844 MP 198
STR 30 DEF 22 MAG 30 MDF 7
AGL 20 LUC 22 EVA 6 ACC 11

This would put him about 20 steps from the end of Lulu's path as well, so if i had a Level 3 Key by the time he got there...

If he went down the White Mage path, but skipped the backtracking to ger Cure, Null, and Esuna. (I figure he doesn't need all the Nulls, and he could pick up Cure and Esuna later with White Magic Spheres.)
(Pray, Life)
HP 3044 MP 218
STR 27 DEF 24 MAG 32 MDF 13
AGL 16 LUC 22 EVA 7 ACC 10

This would also put him about 20 steps from the end of Tidus' path.

If he went down the Black Mage path:
(The basic element spells, focus, and 6 steps from the Ra spells)
HP 2444 MP 278
STR 22 DEF 23 MAG 32 MDF 15
AGL 13 LUC 22 EVA 13 ACC 9

If he cut through Wakka's path to get to the higher spells
(Silence Attack, Dark Attack, Death, Ga spells)
HP 2644 MP 198
STR 24 DEF 22 MAG 32 MDF 11
AGL 22 LUC 22 EVA 9 ACC 9

So cutting through Wakka's territory would seriously reduce his MP.

I'm tempted to cut all the way to the end of the Black Magic section if i can find a Level 3 Key sphere, so he'll get all the bonuses even if he's doing it backwards.

Of course by now with 47 spheres he's be well past the Ra spells if he went from the begining.

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