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More FF10 Rambling

By the way Kallah, thank you for the game :)

Blitzball and game guide:

I was thinking about the damn Blitzball team question, how many people can i have on my team before i have to start kicking people off?

I looked through the faqs online and didn't find anything. Then i thought, "Hey! I can check the game guide! It might actually be usefull for something." Which then made me wonder, why exactly did i have the game guide? Until i remembered that i got my copy of FF10 used from Kallah :) I have no idea why _she_ got the game guide, but at least i know why i have it now :)

So anyways, i dug out the guide and took a look at the blitzball section, and they had a lot of stuff. Unfortunatly what they didn't have was info on how many people you could have hired at once. However i looked through the rest of it in curiosity. They have some very nice tables with all the stats of all the players at all the levels. In fact, very similar to the tables in the second blitzball FAQ. Okay, that might be a coincidence, there are only so many ways you can arrange the same set of data. Then i scan through the text again, looking to see if i missed anywhere where it mentioned team size limits or any other usefull info. In so doing so i noticed that certain parts of the text were _very_ similar to the descriptions in the first blitzball FAQ! I don't know who's copying who, but clearly something is going on.

In any case, i'm very annoyed with whoever designed the players. Wedge starts out as a good forward, eventually becomes a good guard at the mid levels, and at the highest levels he has the second highest Catch score in the game, so he'd be a great goalie. I figured this would be great since i wanted to keep the same team throughout the game, and Wedge looks a lot cooler than Nimrook.

However, Wedge has _neither_ Super Goalie _nor_ Grip Glove, pretty much the only two skills important to a goalie!!!! Argh!!! I'm also annoyed that there are a lot of female players, but most of them aren't very good =P

Plot and leveling


Okay, that has to be one of the most incompetent assassination's _ever_. Not the actuall killing of Seymour, that was pretty easy. After killing off his guards i spent a long time with Rikku and Kimahri stealing Turbo Ethers and Elixers from him while Yuna kept casting element guards :) Shiva made short work of Anima (even though Tidus never suggested using her like the FAQs said he would) and then Wakka slaughtered Seymour with two 3500 HP hits. Yay Wakka the conqueror :)

However they didn't hold onto the evidence they had that Seymor was a bastard, they didn't show that evidence to anyone reliable beforehand, they didn't have any neutral witnesses there to hear Seymour admit to killing his father, and after having made all those mistakes they sat around and admited to having done the deed when someone finally showed up. Gah!

I decided to have Rikku go down the thief path, but i still have Kimahri sitting still with about 30 sphere levels while i decide what to do, probably either White Mage or Black Mage. However i got two "Blk Magic Spheres" from the fight with Seymour, which lets anyone learn a black magic spell that someone else has already learned! This is again prompting me to consider sending Kimahri down the black mage path. He's got the fourth highest Magic stat (26, compared to Wakka's 29, Lulu's 36, and Yuna's stellar 48) and he's fairly well positioned to follow Lulu. If i moved him right now he could get all the way through the basic spells and most of the way towards the Ra spells. Then when Lulu gets to the Ga spells i can give two of them to Kimahri right off the bat.

The only thing i wonder is if i should waste Blk Magic Spheres on someone who's already on the Black Magic path. Of course the only other person who has the Magic stats and the the MP to use them properly is Yuna, and _maybe_ Wakka if he doesn't use his own techs too much.

Meanwhile Rikku is paused on the Thief path with 22 spheres next to the Level 3 Lock blocking off Holy. I'm wondering how much longer until i get some Level 3 Keys, but it's probably not worth waiting around.


Holy fuck!! I just realized that by using a Level 1 Key and a Level 2 Key, that Kimahri could cut through Wakka's area and _pass_ Lulu and get the Ga spells right now!!! The only problem is that he's miss a lot of the Magic and MP upgrades along the Black Mage path that Lulu has been getting, so he'd probably be a little underpowered in the magic department. But still, that's pretty amazing! *ponders*

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