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Job Stuff

Monday morning i emailed someone i worked with at my last two places of employment who is currently at the company co-founded by another ex-coworker.

I emailed him instead of the founder guy because i'd worked with him more recently and knew him a little bit better. However it's wednesday afternoon now, and i still haven't heard anything. I'm wondering at what point i should try emailing the other guy, or give up and use their "jobs@" address.

I'm thinking maybe friday afternoon or monday morning.

Lunch Stuff

Went to the village to deposit a check this morning, and since i was out i decided to get some lunch. However i wanted to make it at least somewhat healthy, so i went to Wendys and got a salad. I got the spring mix salad, or something like that, because it was a dollar cheaper than the other salads and it didn't have any chicken or bacon or chilli in it, so it should theoretically be better for me. I even got the low fat honey mustard dressing :)

However my only complaint is that they fill the bowls up to the very top with salad, and then put a perfectly flat lid on top. Which means you can't actually mix the dressing into the salad without making a huge mess. I tried piling the top part of the salad on the lid so i'd have some more room, but it still didn't work very well. Perhaps next time i should just throw away some of the extra lettuce from the bottom.

FF10 Stuff


I spent ten or fifteen minutes playing the butterfly game, and after five or six attempts i finally got all the butterflys. Then i saw a chest falling out of the sky, and i have no idea where it went!!! I accidently wandered into the next screen, and when i came back the butterflys were back! Did i screw it up and have to do it again? Where's the bloody chest?? =P

Still building up Kimahri and Rikku while procrastinating about a decision on what to do with them. Meanwhile i've run into other sphere grid problems.

Auron is now at a point where he could use a Level 2 Key and take a 5 sphere detour (there and back again) to get Haste. He could just transfer over to Tidus' path as well, but that would be kind of silly.

For Lulu i have to decide whether or not to take a 4 sphere detour to get Demi, and a 3 sphere detour to get Death. A little after that i have to decide if i want her to go down the path towards DoubleCast or up to Flare instead. Of course that will only be an issue if i've found both a Level 3 Key and a Level 4 Key by then.

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