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This actually isn't a FF10 post :)

Apparently a junior democratic congressman, who just lost his bid for reelection in texas after his first term, has filed an ethics complaint against republican house leader DeLay.

"An ethics complaint" is perhaps an understatement, since the document is apparnetly 187 pages long and covers a multitude of issues.

Along with the usual denial that he's done anything wrong, according to CNN "DeLay accused Bell of filing the complaint because he is "bitter" about his primary loss in a congressional district that was redrawn with DeLay's help."

Did he actually have the gall to _say_ that, or was it just implied? DeLay is accusing him of being upset that the republicans redistricted him out of existance in a way that was certainly unethical even if it wasn't technically illegal? How dare he be bitter about that!

I have to imagine that whatever the original quote was, he didn't actually say that he was involved in seeing to it that Bell lost the election. DeLay can't be _that_ stupid.

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