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Ack! Rikku!

I just got Rikku. Meep.

You know, she looks pretty cool in her wetsuit, and then she strips, and suddenly she's wearing a really ridiculous outfit with lots of lace and ribbons and such =P

Thne she starts talking, and i don't know if she sounded different before or just didn't say much, but she seems more high pitched and bouncy than before. It's a little annoying but not too bad.

And then she gets into battle, and i remember why i hate her. She looks like a crack monkey hopped up on espresso.

She kind of crouches over with one arm dangling at her knees like some kind of demented ape while she continuously twitches. And when you haste her it's _really_ scary.

So now i've got to figure out what to do with her. She starts out on the Thief path, however Kimahri is already six steps ahead of her in that regard, It seems like she's getting spheres a little quicker than everyone else, but not at the same rate as Tidus was at the begining. So i'm not sure how long it would take her to catch up to and then pass Kimahri. I'm also not sure if i really need two thieves.

However the path back to Kimahri's area is cleared out, so i could send her in that direction, but what to do then? I could send her along Tidus' path to get Haste. Or i could make her into a heavy hitter with Wakka's path, which would be amusing :)

Another black mage might be usefull since Lulu keeps running out of magic points on extended trips. Or by the time she got there i might have a Level 2 Key sphere to let her loose in Yuna's white mage area.

At the moment i think i'll let her accumulate some sphere and see how quickly she builds up. Any suggestions about what might be most usefull in the mid game? (Since presumably by late game most people will have learned most stuff, at least if i spend as much time leveling up as i normally do :)


I've also started running into people i can recruit for blitzball. Is there a limit to the number of people i can have on my team? If i hire someone now will i have to kick someone else out of the team, or will i just have to pick and choose when i pick people for positions in a game?

The blitzball faq hast all kinds of suggestions for who you should have on your team at differnet levels, with different team listings be different contributors. However rather than changing people continuously throughout the game i think i'll just try to figure out who i want at the highest levels and then keep them all the way through. It seems kinda mean to kick people out of your team partway through. Yes, i'm overly sentimental.

The only problem is that Tidus and Wakka look like they have pretty good stats at the high levels, but not the best. If i can have eight people on my team instead of just six i may swap Tidus and Wakka in and out throughout the game but otherwise keep the team the same.



Okay, i've been wondering about Yevon for awhile. Is Yevon a god, a religion, a high-priest type person, what? It's clearly religious, but other than that no one has been very clear. They believe in Yevon which isn't very clear. There are teachings of Yevon but that isn't really clear either. Yevon decides what machina are good or bad, but that could be a god/priest named Yevon, or a council within the religion of Yevon, or in the same sense that the Bible tells people how to live =P

I'm bringing this up now because when Tidus asks Auron if he has anything against Yevon, Auron says "I lived a long time in Zanarkand," or something like that. Which answers a question or two about Auron, but brings up more questions about the relationship between Zanarkand and Yevon.

Again, just thoughts which i don't really want any spoilery answers to :)

Edit2: How do the dual element weapons work? I bought a sword with both fire and ice attributes, and another with water and lightning. If i use the lightning/water weapon against a monster healed by lightning but who takes extra damage from water, what happens?

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