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Amusing FF10 thing:

I swap Auron into a battle and he says his usual quote in his haughty voice: "I foresee no difficulty." He then attempts to attack the enemy and whiffs completely. Remind me not to depend too much on Auron's foresight :)

I found out from Kirinn that i probably missed out on three Level 1 Key spheres in the fight with the Sinspawn just before the misfired ambush on Sin by the Crusaders.

So i went back to the previous save, which i'd originally held onto because it immediatly preceded some cool cutscenes, and redid that section.

However it seemed a little bit of a waste to redo the whole section just for those three key spheres. So since i had some time before my sister and her husband showed up i leveled up everyone enough to get Kimahri to the Steal ability. Then i spent some time stealing cool stuff like Ethers and Softs from the enemies in the cave, along with other stuff that will presumably be usefull later, such as Smoke Bombs, Bomb Fragments, Petrify Grenades, Silence Grenades, and Electro Marbles. I didn't want to start the big battle before my sister got there, since i didn't think i'd be able to beat it, and i was right; they showed up shortly after i stopped stealing the monsters blind :)

So after dinner at Outback and some hanging out and chatting afterwards, they went home and i went back to FF10.

And found out that you can steal absolutly nothing from the Sinspawn. Well, you can get potions, but that's hardly worth it. Oh well, i got the other cool stuff, and the extra key spheres, and i got to watch the cool cutscenes again :)

Oh, and with the chance to watch again and take better notes, at one point Tidus _did_ ask Auron how he knew all this, and Auron just laughed and walked away. So Tiercel (or was it Akiko?) gets bonus points :)


I have one more complaint about the weapons in FF10, and this one applies to FF9 too. I was reminded of this by Akiko talking about Auron's weapons. I wish you could look at the weapons you have without equiping them. It can be hard to get a good look at the weapons while the characters are using them in battle, even when it focuses in on them at the end because that character killed the last enemy. They've clearly already got the models, it's not like showing them to us in the equipment screen would be that hard.

Oh, and this is kinda a dumb question, how come some of the characters can breathe underwater and others can't, or at least never seem to use the ability if they have it? So far Tidus, Rikku and Wakka are the only ones you ever see go underwater or can use in an underwater fight.

Another question, i presume you get something in the long run for giving money to Oaka (or however you say that merchant's name.) Is there any specific amount i should be aiming for? I'm currently around 1000 gil.

And i wonder how long until i stop expecting to hear the FF9 music when i first turn on the game :)


Awwww, poor lonely chocobo :(

And why is Auron being such a matchmaker between Tidus and Yuna? "She would distance herself from you. We don't want that." (Or something pretty close to that)

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