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This started out as a reponse to one of Kirinn's comments in my LJ (how sad is that? =) but i decided to make it its own post since it was getting so long. In part because this way if my computer crashes in the middle Semagic will have have auto-backed it up for me :)

Kirinn: I eventually decided that once it got going I would have quite liked the FFX weapon system *if* they had added one this to it: the ability to *dis*-assemble weapons.

You can make your weapons do plenty of nifty and useful things, but once you use up items upgrading one, you can't get them back to put them on a better weapon you find later. Bah. This makes trying to build "favorite" weapons any time before the very end of the game kind of useless, and instead encourages you to hang on to a jillion specialized weapons and swap them as needed, which makes it barely different from the old days of non-customizeable weapons. Ah well.

The plotting Seymour-wise is not too subtle, no. On the other hand, even though it's true that Tidus is completely dense at the beginning, the plotting Zanarkand-wise is not as straightforward as it first appears.

Is some ways that sounds like it might almost keep what vague excitement there is going a little longer.

One of my other big complaints is that the weapons and armor seem to have no attack power or defense power or any other stats other than their attributes. Which means that when you get a new item the only interesting and exciting bit is if it has more usefull abilities in a good combination than the last set. However once you get to the part where you're making your own stuff it becomes more and more just "does this have more slots than the last thing did?" So if they delay that point later than they otherwise could it might be better at maintaining your interest. On the other hand maybe continuously remaking your weapons to try out new combinations would be fun enough to make up for the lack of interest when finding new weapons. Which admitedly isn't really that exciting the way things are.

In FF7 didn't the weapons have attack points? I _know_ they had all kinds of variations on Materia slots, single, linked, and slots that didn't give you expierence points, so there was actually some debate between weapons without a strict numbers comparison. Was a weapon with two sets of two linked slots better than one with six single slots? Depends on what you want to do.

Having Attack and Defense stats on the equipment would be good i think. Do you want the weapon with the really high attack or the weapon with lots of slots? (The ultimate weapons would presumably have both =) They also really should have some kind of accessories or other equipment slots. Two is just _way_ too boring. I don't know if the accessories or other types should have customizable slots like the others or be more like FF9 equipment with set stats/attributes, but in either case, i want more stuff to play with =P FF9 was toy heaven :)

About Tidus/Zanarkand, thanks to some ill timed spoilery comments, i believe by owldragon, i have the general idea that not all is as it seems with Tidus and/or Zanarkand, well, more of with Tidus. A lot of possibilites have gone through my head as to the exact nature of the mystery, which i try not to focus on. One thought is that if Auron is right and Sin does want to die for whatever reason, then perhaps it created Tidus with memories of a messed up father and son relationship and then instructed Auron to tell him that Sin is his father, so that Tidus will be motivated to kill it. Not quite sure what the relation between Auron and Sin would be in that case though.

However i'm trying not to think really spoilery thoughts *la la la la* So instead i'm focusing on the idea that Tidus was a real person at some point, but was killed and abosorbed by Sin a thousand years ago. Then for whatever reason Sin created copies of Tidus, Jecht, and Auron in the present with all the memories of the original people. This would fit with there being ruins of Zanarkand and Tidus, Auron, and Jecht all wandering around at various points with memories of the place while also being the least spoilery of all the alternative possibilities. So that's what i'm trying to think, and please don't correct me if i'm wrong as i most likely am :)

But in any case, with his present knowledge of the world Tidus is still being a dork. He remembers Zanarkand being attacked by Sin, and now he finds Sin wandering around and everyone says there are ruins of a place called Zanarkand that was destroyed a thousand years ago by Sin. And Auron seems to go along with this (not that Tidus has done anything intelligent like pressing him on the issue) However he keeps making comments that indicate that he doesn't really think they're the same place, as if he thinks that if he could travel far enough he would find another place with the identical name that had also been attacked by Sin but not totally destroyed and was actually his Zanarkand. Gah!

I'm also confused why he talks about the differences and similarities between Zanarkand and Spira. Is Spira the name of the world, or just the large group of islands? And was the term not used a thousand years ago in Zanarkand? You'd think Tidus couldn't have been so insular that he wouldn't know the name of anything but the city he lived in. Although that would be one argument for a totally artificial nature, er, wait, not thinking that! *la la la la*

And come to mention it, how exactly does Tidus know Auron? When he first ran into him right after the Sin attack it sounded like he already knew him. But perhaps i misinterpreted his "what are you doing here" comment, and it was meant as "what are you doing here during this attack you random person i don't know," although that would seem a little odd since there were pleanty of other people around at the begining of the attack who Tidus didn't question. Of course the answer to that question is probably spoilery, so i probably don't want to know :)
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