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I'm annoyed, last night i was feeling really tired after talking to Caithris, so i paused the game in the middle of the highway thing and went to bed. When i got up in the morning i went back to the game and played a bit more and then saved, and discovered that about 10 or 12 hours had been added onto my game =P

I guess instead of actually pausing it i just opened the menu or something like that, which effectively paused it but left the timer running. It's kind of annoying. If i run the timer up to 99 hours i like to know that i _really_ ran the timer up to 99 hours ;)

Nope, upon further checking, if you hit the start button and the screen goes grey and the word "PAUSE" appears in the middle, THE TIMER IS STILL RUNNING IN THE BACKGROUND!!!!! What the hell? That's not fair!!! Bastards!!!

I'm amused that we're warned that monsters "occasionally" show up on the highway, and then i procede to get attacked about every thirty seconds, or so it seems. However the apparently defenseless people wandering right next to me have no problems at all =P It's not like the mystic immunity of NPCs is a new thing in FF or any other RPG, but it's not too often that you can stand right next to a town(road?)person while getting attacked repeatedly =P

One of the many people wandering on the road gave me a Level 1 Key Sphere, to which my response was "Holy shit, aren't those supposed to be really cool things?" So i cheated and took a look at the faq to see if there was anything else really cool that i'd missed. The faq or two i looked at didn't mention items at all, including the Key Sphere. So either i was wrong about my impression, or the faq really blundered.

I _was_ going to have blue fur guy head to the Thief area with his 15 or so accumulated sphere levels, since according to the Sphere Grid FAQ and upon reflection of my habit in most FF games, that seems the most usefull course. But then i noticed that unlike ANY of the other areas he can head to, the Thief area is blocked off by not one but TWO level one locks! That seems unfair, although very typical =P

I would however like to reiterate that hot-swaping characters is really really cool :) Especially since they all get experience if you bring them all into the fight. I'm glad that several of them have helpfull and free abilities that affect the entire party for me to use when there's not enough enemies for everyone to take a whack at :)

I'm curious though, why did i find some kind of sphere that along with showing me the normal tutorials also has a "Fiend Info" section? It lists enemies and when i select them i seem to go into some kind of mock combat. The weird part is that although i've fought dozens of types of enemies it only lists two, Bomb and Dual Horn. What's special about those two?

The story still seems cool so far :)

I'm wondering what i should have for dinner tonight. Part of me wants to be lazy and just have cup of noodles at home or something, and part of me wants to go out and get something good. Of course my stomach is confused at this point because i ate so much junk food at campaign earlier today =P

I'm thinking about The Hat chilli cheese fries, even though i can never finish them. They _are_ yummy, and it's not like i ever have anyone to share them with anyways, so it's eat half of them along or nothing =P Other possibilities would be the other usual late night places, Del Taco and In-n-Out.

Wish Caithris was here to snuggle with.
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