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I kicked the Luca Doers asses!!!! :)

I've been trying to win the very first Blitzball game since it seemed appropriate. After the third or fourth try i actually started doing well!

Twice early on in the first half i managed to pass to Tidus or the other good shooter and score. I don't know what happened, the defense just wasn't there or something. I think switching to manual controls might have helped a little since i seemed slightly better at dodging the opponets than the computer. I would just dodge as best i could towards the enemy goal and then try to do an action when it looked like only one guy would catch me, instead of two or three, and then pass to one of the good shooters and have them shoot _immediatly_

So at halftime it was 2-1 my favor. Tidus got up to level 3, as did another guy, however only Tidus had any techniques to quip, so i gave him the Jecht kick.

The first chance i got i passed the ball to Tidus and had him run for the goal. He got caught by two people as he was getting close, so i unleashed the Jecht kick, clocked the two of them and easily got it into the goal. Shortly thereafter however the other team got a goal and it was 3-2.

I knew that Wakka was coming in soon, so i was desperate to get another point. It looked bad for awhile, but then suddenly i got the chance to pass to Tidus who was in the clear. Tidus got caught by one guy with a lousey Attack right before the goal, so i had Tidus break through, and he unleashed with a 13 strength goal about two points away from the goal with an 8 defemder.

The goal was rocketing towards him, no way the goalie could stop it,


The ball was over halfway to the goal!!! What happened to it?

After Wakka got in i spent the entire rest of the game trying to play keep away and slow them down in anyway i could. I got a goal shot or two and they got one attempt, and all of them biffed, and the game ended 3-2. But if they had gotten a point in and tied it up after scewing up my point cause of a fricking bug, i swear i would have hunted down the Square programers and ripped their throats out and shoved them back down their own throats again.

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