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More FF10 geeking

The camera control, or rather the complete lack of any kind camera control, really sucks. I know it makes things easier on the dev team, but still, it's annoying. I keep wondering if i'm missing something hidden i should be looking at or picking up. I enjoyed the use of forced perspective to hide things a lot more in the NES and SNES days, when the grid system made searching a hidden area an easy systematic task if you wanted to take the time to do it right. With an analaog system you never know if you're missing something behind a wall because you weren't standing in exactly the right spot and facing exactly the right direction when you hit the action button.

I'm currently standing in Besaid just before getting on the boat to leave, and the refrain (or whatever) of this music sounds SO much like Aerith's theme! Or perhaps i'm just insane.

The sphere grid seems cool, the active swaping out of people seems cool. It seems to give much more of a sense of a group traveling together, as opposed to having to go back to an airship or wherever to access the other people.

The only problem with the sphere grid is that it's going to drive my perfectionist side nuts :) I seem to remember from the little bits i saw of people playing the game before that you can put stuff down in the empty spots on the grid, which is giving me a crazy urge not to move anyone at all until i get things to put in the spaces they're next to :) I think i'll force myself to level up anyways, since i know you can go back later even if it is a ton of work.


Wait, didn't the music in the Spere Grid used to be based on the crystal theme? Now it sounds like... it's either the water city (Toria?) theme, or the land of summoned monsters theme. Oh, i guess that's just the music of the area (the jungle outside that second town.) I thought the Sphere Grid music was different from the area music, but maybe i was confused.

Oh wait! Since i'm making a FF post, i should use the appropriate icon :) Perhaps i should edit the other post too :)

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