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FF10 and cryptology silliness

The opening to FF10 has a very Chronicles of Amber feel to it, looking back and telling the story of how we got here on the eve of some cataclysimic strugle.

Any they worked in the crystal theme to the second song in the game! That's so friggin cool! :)

Oh god, the voices suck however. Tidus's is okay, but all the secondary characters i've heard in the first few minutes have been high pitched and scratchy and annoying =P

Okay, Auron sounds okay too. It's just either all the secondary characters, or only when they try to sound female or young =P


Tiercel warned me that i should get a "Al Behdu Primer" FAQ if i wanted to make sure not to miss anything in the game. In the process of downloading said FAQs i noticed that the Al Behdu "language" is just a cypher, so when i got to the first message i decided to see if i could decrypt it, just using the one message and standard techniques :)

I found the message on a wall right after Tidus gets swallowed by Sin.

"Eh dra myht frana pumdc uv mekrd emmisehyda dra pmylgacd hekrd
Fedr _Macalania_ pareht dra vuindr bemmyn oui cekrd"

I spent a lot of time working it out in a process that i expect no one cares about, but i can post it if they do.

The starting assumption was that "dra" was "the." After a lot of experimentation and a couple false leads (and a few stupid mistakes/typos) i ended up with the following cypher:

| a = e | b = p | c = s | d = t | e = i | f = w | g = ? |
| h = n | i = u | j = ? | k = g |
| l = ? | m = l | n = r | o = ? | p = b |
| q = ? | r = h | s = m | t = d | u = o | v = f |
| w = ? | x = ? | y = a | z = ? |

which results in the following translation:

In the land where bolts of light illuminate the bla??est night
With _Lese?erue_ behind the fourth pillar ?ou sight

I'm 99% sure that l=c and g=k for "blackest," and "o=y" for "you." However i don't have any other cases in this sample with which i could verify those cases.

if so that would mean the emphasized word was "Lesecerue," which i have no idea what the hell it is. I don't think i could even pronounce it. Presumably its the name of something given the emphasis.

Hopefully it doesn't mean that i came up with a completly whacked cypher that against all the odds manages to create real english words that seem to make a fair amount of sense while restricting the obvious errors to a single word :)

Hopefully finding the primers in game will not only "teach" me the cypher, it will automagically translate the letters i've "learned" for me, because translating every message by hand would be a real pain =P


Ack! There was more to that message! I should have kept pressing the button more :)

"muug hud uh dra mavd
pid uh dra nekrd."

"loo? not on the left
but on the right"

That pretty much confirms that g = k.
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