DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

More FF9 stuff

I finally beat the game! :)

On first viewing i'd have to say that's the best ending to an FF game since 6 probably.

It took me until the last few hours of the game to realize that not only does Amarant have really kick ass support abilities, but his No Mercy attack is really cool as well. It's no Thievery or Dragon Crest, but at level 70 it's doing about 7000-8500 damage, and it looks really awesome, especially when he gets the killing blow :)

My last save is at 2 hours and 49 minutes in the red. I have no idea how long the last few battles took.

The plot did get a little weird towards the end. Of course one must put it in the perspective of the other FF games :) I do think it would have been a little better if they'd left off Necron. The crystal bit and shared memories stuff seemed a little forced as well. The "oh, we need to go save the bad guy" thing was a little dumb, but it seems like he probably died in the end anyways, so i guess that's okay.

So, question for those who have played it. I'm thinking of playing FF10 next (as opposed to Skies of Arcadia or Disgea or a few other RPGs i've got lying around) How badly does FF10 punish you for not using a FAQ? Specifically, if i just play through the game without always knowing i should check place A at time B, how much stuff is there that i could theoretically permenately miss? As in stuff that i can't get later in some other way type stuff.

It would be nice for once to be able to play through the game without paying attention to a FAQ and not worrying about missing stuff.

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