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Picked up sithjawa at 9:30 last night. Or rather, i drove over to her apartment and then we took her car so she could practice driving. We bought tickets at the theatre for the 11:10 showing (which turned out to be totally unnecessary since there ended up being only ten or twenty people in the theatre) and then went across the street to Shogun to have dinner/snack.

It'd a lot bigger than Tokyo Kitchen and most other sushi resturants i've been to. Like Tokyo Kitchen it has an area with tables with teppan grills in them, and another area with a sushi bar. The sushi bar is much larger than Tokyo Kitchen's, although the ambiance isn't quite as nice. They did however have J-Pop music playing in the background, which is a pluss. Speaking of which, i need to go through my CDs and figure out which song it was i recognized. I think it was Aikawa Nanase or Namie, but i'm not sure.

The sushi bar had one of those conveyer belts. It's apparently used for lunch, but while we were there there was nothing on it but it was still running, which was a little strange. For every two seats they had a plastic container full of the pickled ginger slices, which is convenient if you like the ginger, but the old pieces of ginger stuck to the tongs was a little disturbing, so i wiped them off with a spare napkin before using them.

We got tuna and an eel roll (similar to the caterpillar roll at Tokyo Kitchen) first, and they were really good. We got some salmon and yellowtail next. Sithjawa thought the salmon was fresher than at Tokyo Kitchen, but i thought neither was quite as good there, though they were still yummy. I can't remember the exact prices at Tokyo Kitchen, but they seemed to be fairly similar at Shogun.

So overall i'd say it was somewhat equivalent to Tokyo Kitchen, though i'd want to try Shogun a few more times before making a firm opinion. If i were going to take Caithris out to a romantic dinner i'd probably pick Tokyo Kitchen, although we'd have to get the teppan since she has a thing against sushi =P

So then we went back across the street to the movie theatre.


Overall, i was impressed with the mood and imagery. I'm a little sorry that they're not using this director for any more of the movies.

The first movie was two hours and thirty minutes, the second was two hours and forty minutes, this one was only two hours and twenty minutes. This one seemed a lot more disjointed than the others, and i'm not sure if that's because of the ten or twenty minutes less of connecting material, or because they had more stuff to cover.

Things that confused me, why was Harry going to the inn place? Why was there a Ministry of Magic person there? Did Harry go there because the MoM person was there, or did the MoM person show up because they knew Harry was going there? Or was it some kind of strange coincidence? Did he know that everyone else was going to show up there later becuase of some earlier correspondence? I'm sure this was all explained in the book and just got cut out, but it's been at _least_ a year since i read the book, so i was a little confused.

Draco doesn't look anything like i remember from the previous movies. Did they get a new actor or did he just grow a lot and get a totally different haircut or something? He also didn't seem very menacing in this movie. He was too busy whining and crying all the time. Nevile also seemed a lot different than i remembered, and i thought the Weasley twins looked different too, but i don't remember them very well.

Harry and Ron and Hermoine looked pretty much the same except a little older of course. They also spent a lot of time being touchy-feely with each other and there was lots of tension involving that. I'm the the slash community will be very happy with that aspect.

Hagrid looked exactly the same, Dumbledore didn't of course. I think McGonagall looked the same, but she didn't get much screen time. Who was the short professor? I don't think i remember him from before. Snape looked exactly the same, but he didn't get that much screen time either.

Wasn't the Whomping Willow supposed to be in the middle of the school grounds or something? I thought it was portrayed that way in the Chamber of Secrets movie at least.

Harry just appeared in random places talking to Lupin, and i'm not sure how that came about. Did Harry track down Lupin and ask him for advice? Or did Lupin seek out Harry? The Patronus lessons were clearly at Harry's initiative, but i'm not sure about the other chats.

I was confused by the gift of the broom, i'd thought that it showed up earlier in the books when Harry still didn't know what Sirius was up to, and from what other people have said i was right about that. I suppose it works as a way to show that Sirius is okay, but it seemed more interesting as a mystery.

Why didn't the stag show up when Harry summoned the Patronus? (The "second" time) It looked like it was starting to come out of the light, but nothing happened after that. I thought the whole thing was kind of underwhelming. The first time i expected the stag to do _something_ other than just stand there, and the second time it didn't even show up.

In the book i thought there was some kind of explanation by someone (probably Sirius or Lupin?) about the stag being James Potter's animal, so that in some sense he was there in spirit even if Harry had been wrong about him being there in person. In the movie Harry was just like, oh well, it wasn't actually my father, la di da.

And i'm pretty sure they found out who Mooney and co were in this book, which got totally skipped over.

I remembered about Hermoine time traveling for classes the first or second time she showed up and they were like "where did you come from?" However i didn't remember that it played a big part in the end until the person appeared across the lake from Harry and summoned the Patronus. In some sense that was a good thing because it make me feel sorrier for Buckbeak, since i thought they'd actually killed him. On the other hand for the first half or three quarters of the movie i was really confused about why there was a pendulum in the main hallway of Hogwarts and why they kept focusing on the clock in various scenes.

So yeah, overall it was dark and pretty and sexy, but it was also disjointed and confusing at points. It definitely made me want to go back and read the book again, but i think i'll wait until the next book is coming out before i go back and read the old stuff. (When will that be? A year from now? Two? Who knows =P)

I was amused by the map in the credits with the little moving footprints. At some point the "people" started jumping over lines of text and doing other weird stuff. Towards the end there were two people standing toe to toe in some alcove, shifting from one foot to the other, i wonder what they were supposed to be doing :)

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