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Ozma is a fricking pain in the ass!

Of course it doesn't really help that i probably could have killed him last time if i hadn't been trying to strip him naked first. I'd gotteh the pumice piece, the elixer (which i couldn't care less about) and the robe of lords, but he sitll had the dark matter. Perhaps if i get in the same situation again i should just kill him, cause i think you might be able to buy more than one dark matter from the Treno Auction.

I must say however that people who develop things like the "Beat Ozma eithout using the controller strategy" are fucking nuts.

I'm currently using Zidane (of course) (Lv 71) Amarant (Lv 62) Quina (Lv 61) and Eiko (Lv 63)

Zidane does thievery, and steals when he's in Trance (because his Dyne's seem to do shit against Ozma) and once Ozma starts healing himself. Amarant does Aura and Revive and Chakra on people, especially when he goes into Trance, and he Returns Meteor, Doomsday (really cool) and Holy i think. Quina does Magic Hammer, which can do huge amounts of MP damage to him, and Eiko casts Carbunkle and Phoenix a lot.

Everyone has Auto-Haste and Auto-Regen and Clearheaded and Insomniac and Antibody. I'm thinking about taking off the Clearheaded and maybe the Antibody, cause i'm not entirely sure what exactly Curse causes.

I really think Clearheaded ought to protect against Berserk though =P

Oh, and i should really figure out why Eiko seems to get affected by Curse a lot less than anyone else. Is it just high magic defense, or does she have something specific equiped?

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