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I just got to the battle with Garland, and he does his little spiel about life and death and then asks Zidane who he is. Each of the characters steps forward and gives some pithy or striking statement, such as "We live to protect the ones we love!" or "It took us a long time, but we've all found our way."

And i can't help but laugh at them, because in my head i can hear "You all sound like chapters from a self-help book!" I have to guess that the similarity was intentional. :)

I'm glad there's a save with the chance to switch characters right before so i can hear everyone's quotes. Steiner and Quina tie for the stupidist answer award.

I want to get the FF9 soundtrack, but the original release is out of stock everywhere i've checked, and the re-release isn't out yet :(

I decided to try fighting Ozma once before i went on to disk four. I didn't expect to succeed because Zidane was only level 62 or so, i didn't have some of the good equipment you can get in disk four (especially shadow absorbing stuff) and i hadn't quite learned all the abilities i needed (a few of my characters had rebirth rings equiped instead of mroe usefull accessories because they were still learning auto-life.)

The fight went badly right from the start, big suprise. Steiner and Freya kept holding on for longer than everyone else, Steiner because he had something equiped that absorbed Holy, and Freya cause i kept having her jump. Zidane and Eiko kept getting killed, and if i tried to Raise them they just died again, usually before they could take a single action. The entire party got killed off but got rescued by Rebirth Flame _three_ times!

For awhile there was only Freya was alive with 87 hitpoints, Ozma would cast Cureaga on himself and heal 7000-9999 HP, and then Freya would jump. While she was in the air Ozma would cast Doomsday, which would miss Freya since she was in the air, and damage himself for 9999. Then Freya would hit for about 3000 damage. Wash, rinse, repeat. I was starting to wonder if i could nickel and dime Ozma to death with just one character, 3000-6000 HP at a time, but after the fourth or fifth iteration he cast Cureaga two times in a row and screwed the timing up =P

I have no idea what Ozma was down to by the end, but he managed to quickly kill the entire party after the third Rebirth Flame, and either my luck ran out or you can't have Rebirth Flame happen too soon right after another one.

I'm now fighting the Silver Dragon/Garland/Kuja sequence. For anyone else who ever plays FF9, the key is to learn and equip the auto-haste and auto-regen abilities as quickly as possible. In all three fights i just sat there and laughed at their attacks while Zidane stole all their stuff before i deigned to destroy them. I knew that Kuja was strong against normal physical and magical attacks, so i mostly used Thievery and Dragon's Crest, but Vivi had focused a few times, so i decided to try a Flare. Kuja laughed while the spell animation was going on and said "You call that an attack?!" scornfully. Then i laughed at him as the animation finished and it dealt about 8700 points of damage :)

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