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Memorial day weekend 0.5

The most interesting part of my weekend is definitely over. Going to spend the rest sitting around getting nothing done except perhaps some video games, unless my sister decides i should come over and hang out again, or someone else local wants to hang out or go see a movie or something.

Went to my sister's place yesterday, which just happened to be her birthday. She said tonight was fine, since they didn't have anything planed. Shortly thereafter i got an email from her fiancee^H^H^H^H^H^H husband saying that some friends from their year were going to be coming over at 7 to suprise shower her and go out to dinner afterwards, and he wanted to make sure i knew/was okay with that. I of course didn't have any problems, but apparnetly he gave things away slightly because his first response to my sister when she said "my brother is going to come over friday afternoon/evening" was "oh no! he can't do that!" or something similar, although probably less exagerated. This was followed up, presumably after sending me the email, by "oh, that should be fine i guess." :)

I stopped by Best Buy in the morning both to get my sister a gift card for a present and to check out the $5 video game sale that's supposed to be going on. It sounds great in theory, too bad they didn't actually have any of the games. I know it's a clearance sale, but i was hoping for at least one or two =P

My sister has been bugging me to get her Guster CD back to her for awhile. I stuck it in my car to give back to her at her wedding, but we both forgot about it (no big suprise there) and it's been in the car ever since. So i got the bright idea of sticking the gift card inside the CD case :)

I drove down to her place and stopped by another Best Buy on the way. They didn't have any of the games either =P I got to her apartment about 4:30, and we sat around talking and playing with the cats till her husband got there at 5 or 5:30.

She had been talking about being hungry, but of course we couldn't leave yet. I'd already said i wasn't hungry, and her husband agreed, and we encouraged her to get a snack. We then watched two or three episodes of Cowboy Bebop which i'd brought along. Caithris called about 6:50, and we talked for awhile. When i got back it was about 7 or 7:10 and they were finishing up the third episode.

So then we started talking about where to go to dinner. It's not unusual for us to be indecisive about figuring out dinner places (it's a trait of almost everyone i know) so we spent awhile suggesting places to eat and considering them. I mantioned The Hat, not as a place to seriously go to for her birthday dinner, but just out of curiosity of if they'd gone there before, and to kill time of course. They said they hadn't, and i said they should sometime but that i didn't know if they had any nearby or not. So her husband of course ran off to the internet and looked it up online and started checking out locations. It turns out that it's pretty much entirely located in NE LA county, along the 10/210/66 freeways. As far as we could tell the closest one was the one along the 57 in fullerton/brea.

It was almost 7:30 at this point, and her husband said something about needing to use the bathroom, but was apparently hiding inside quitly trying to call the others on his cell phone to tell them to hurry up :) He couldn't get through, but while he was doing that they showed up at the door, peeked through the windows until she noticed them, and then barged in and carried her off to the shower :)

Once they'd finished that and she had given everyone hugs and changed into some dry clothes her husband and i let her know that we'd actually been starving too the entire time that we were delaying dinner, and we related our efforts to the others. Interestingly one of her friends mentioned that The Hat was expanding and there was actually a new one somewhere nearby, so we'll have to try that sometime. Although i can't actually find any references to it on the net =P

We drove up to the Red Robin near the South Coast Plaza mall for dinner. Before the food got there my sister opened her presents, which consisted of the three her husband got her and mine. So i handed her the cd first, and she made some kind of sarcastic comment about me giving her her cd back for her birthday, and then she opened the case and just got this kind of confused look frozen on her face for a second :) I was glad that the decided to open it on her own rather than having to be prompted by me, since i hadn'd figured out a subtle way to do that.

We went back to their apartment after dinner and sat around talking for awhile. A couple people went home early, but several of the others had expressed interest in the MST3K tapes i'd brought along with the Cowboy Bebop, so we ended up watching the Star Trek V MST3K until about 12:30 or 1, after which everyone headed home.

Saturday was campaign day. I got there about 1:45 or 2, and Morna and Bricriu showed up while i was getting my stuff out of the car, so good timing. We had lunch at a mexican place while talking about fuel cell cars and hybrid cars and biodiesel cars and etc. We got back and started game up about 4.

We made a lot more progress this time, we actually have some clue of what's going on now. Unfortunatly the party is somewhat split on whether we should be siding with the Giovani or the proto-Camarilla. We played until 8 or 9 i think and then had some dinner. I took a short break to talk to Caithris for a little bit and then we continued on until 1ish, at which point people started drifting off. We officially shut things down and i headed home about 2 or 2:30.

For some reason when i got home i didn't feel sleepy anymore, and i wandered around on the web until about 5 or 6am.

So now i'm bored and have nothing else to do. Maybe i should get back to FF9. When i left off sometime last week i was trying to get one of the most powerful cards in the game with a decent set of arrows, despite the fact that i'd sworn earlier that i wasn't going to get sucked into the stupid and insanely difficult card game in FF9 =P

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