DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Random stuff

I decided to go out to the arcade last night and get some exercise.

Played three sets of pseudo-Para-Para and three or four sets of DDR, so hopefully burned off at least a few calories.

I did pretty crappy on the pseudo-Para-Para for some reason, kept screwing up stuff i should have been able to do. Didn't finish with an S ranking any of the three times, so no free game for me :(

Did pretty good on the DDR, of course i was playing on light =P I should clean up the living room again so i have enough room to put out the DDR pad i got from Morna so i can play/practice without spending tons of money at the arcade. Hopefully the apartment managers downstairs won't mind me stomping on the floor in the middle of the afternoon.

I have discovered that thanks to Edwards there is a certain pinky-purple color of neon lights that means movie theatre. As i was leaving the arcade i saw a building across the street with pinky-purple neon lights across the street, and i immediatly thought "movie theatre!" even though i'm pretty sure it wasn't actually a movie theatre.

Stopped and got some chilli cheese fries from The Hat on the way back. Managed to finish off somewhere between one half and two thirds of it, which probably negates the whole value of having gotten exercise, but oh well =P

I finally finished off the fifth book in Kate Elliott's Crown of Stars series. Now i'm desperate for the sixth book, which isn't out yet =P

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