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I would say that this is a misleading headline, but both interpretations could be considered valid:
"Ashcroft: 'Clear and present danger to America'"
I know that i and a lot of my LJ friends have been saying that about Ashcroft for a long time :)

I was originaly going to go to Sears to get the shaver parts, then to the doctor/lab thing to give blood samples, and then back her to have dinner with Kialyn. However kialyn said she couldn't do dinner tonight after all, so i ended up having lunch with her (well, being there while she had lunch, since i was supposed to be fasting =) and shifting everything else later.

Well, on the plus side, if the lab/doctor is upset that i waited three weeks between the apointment and the labwork, i haven't heard anything about it yet.

Other than that i'm kind of annoyed by my HMO. I asked the doctor for a full set of STD tests, and he left several things off. He left off AIDS and i think one other thing because i happened to mention that i'd donated blood medium recently. Last i heard the Red Cross discouraged people from relying on their screening process as an STD test, but i didn't feel like arguing with him.

Later i looked at the form, and it only had one set of tests marked, and it only listed two or three things, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and maybe one other that i'm forgetting about now (i should have thought to photocopy the form while i still had it.) I already knew their explanation for AIDS, but i called them up to ask why they hadn't included herpes, and they said they never test for herpes unless the person is experiencing the symptoms so they can take samples, because the blood test gives a false positive for chicken pox. Looking around on the web later showed that they're either incompetent or too cheap to buy a decent test.

I'm also a little concerned that there were at least four checkboxes on the form, but they only took one vial of blood and a urine sample. I guess they're using each sample for more than one test, which is strange because when i donate blood they always take one vial of blood for every test they're going to do.

So now i need to go to Planned Parenthood or something similar to get the herpes test, and the AIDS test if i'm going to be good. Or i can be evil and just go donate blood at the Red Cross again. I should also check online to see if there are any other STDs i should get checked for that the HMO decided really weren't that important =P

There were only two pluses to the whole thing. Giving the blood sample didn't hurt as much as i was expecting, maybe they use smaller needles than the Red Cross since they're not trying to get as much out. And since i drove down to Fullerton for this i stopped by the Jamba Juice on the way back :)

Oh, and the replacement parts _do_ fit my shaver, and it works a _lot_ better now. So i'm now without the four or so days worth of beard i'd accumulated, although Kialyn thought i looked kind of interesting with it or something =P
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