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Bush's speech

Just some train of thought stuff while watching the speech.

Yeah, decapitating someone shows contempt for all the rules of war. Torture though, _thats_ okay.

You still think events in Iraq are going to lead to the spread of democracy in the middle east? It hasn't exactly been the model case of a rejoicing population that we were told to expect. If i were looking at Iraq as my primary example i'd be a little hesitant to jump on the democracy idea bandwagon.

Guerillas are an "unintended effect"? Unintended perhaps, but if it was unexpected, you really are an idiot.

Our "Coalition"? It wasn't much of a coalition to begin with, and last i checked we'd lost several of the "key" players.

Way to paint the insurgents as evil anti-pogress people. I'm sure the american revolutionaries weren't building hospitals during actual combat either. I doubt that the Iraqis are as high-minded as the founders of america, but critisizing people who are ostensibly fighting for their freedom for killing people rather than building hospitals is not logically sound.

"Technical experts"? Is that like "military advisors"?

"If they need more troops, I will send them." He doesn't mention the bit about the draft though. Guess we'll just magically produce the troops. Or perhaps they've got cloning vats up and running?

Apparently they decided against massive strikes because it would encourage insurgency. That's good, though they might want to avoid medium sized strikes against weddings as well.

I'm amused that it's an "illegal" militia. It's "illegal" because we invaded their country, declared ourselves the winners, and said that anyone who didn't agree with us was illegal.

Some of the Iraqi forces refused to engage their fellow Iraqis. Because of this shocking display of not wanting to kill their fellow citizens we've considered putting some of Saddam's old generals in charge =P

Wow! We're repairing and building schools and hospitals and bridges and electrical systems! You know, all that stuff that we blew up.

And we've got the oil going! It's brought in 6 billion dollars so far, which is being used to help the Iraqi people, if there's any left over after Haliburtan's cut.

In order to make sure they spend the money the way we want them to we're going to be putting regional US government offices all across Iraq. Yay big government!

By a "few american troops" you mean those few american troops who say they were ordered by their superiors to torture the prisoners? Tearing down Abu Ghraib now is a little late. I suppose it might help that you're banning cameras in the new maximum security prisons you're building in which to stick all the people who may or may not be guilty of anything, and may or may not be tortured but we'll never know. Funny though how when discussing all the stuff we're building earlier, you didn't mention prisons.

At every stage we've gone to the UN, and then promptly ignored what they said.

Apparently our 17 NATO allies are contributing 17,000 troops. A little over 10%, so over 80% of the effort is being undertaken by us, not a very effective coalition. And how many of those 17,000 are British?

He's happy to boast about how the upcoming elections will be the first free and totally democratic elections in Iraq ever. We just won't metion our role in putting their previous dictator in power.

The Iraqis will find their own way, as long as they agree with our plan.

Oh fuck you and your 9/11 references. Oh yeah, and what _IS_ going on over in Afghanistan which you never talk about anymore?

So, if we're doing this for the opressed women of the world, does that mean you're going to stop trying to get abortions and effective sex education outlawed?

And fuck you and your god bless everything!

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