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Wend to Usqueba and Dieppe's place saturday afternoon for the Vampire campaign.

I was originally going to go hang out with my sister and her fiancee, er, husband i mean, friday night, but she wasn't feeling well. We considered getting together saturday morning but they decided they had too many chores to do. So i just ended up sitting around the apartment until campaign.

I got there at 4ish and we had dinner and then started the game. We got a lot more done this time than last time. We're actually getting stuff done, and even got into two combats.

When i made my character he was supposed to be a combo fighter/thief, both a catburglar and a pickpocket, with some social engineering thrown in. Unfortunatly i didn't have enough points to do both fully (nor are Malks ideally suited to combat) so i focused more on the social/dex stuff. I still seem to be the second best combatant in the group. Meaning i wound about one guy for every three the brujah kills =P

I am good at the sneaky spy-ie stuff though :) 2 dots of Obfuscate, lots of dex and stealth and larceny, and the Acute Senses merit _plus_ Auspex, for god-like senses :)

We got experience for the last three sessions this time, and ended up with 18 experience total. I'm trying to figure out what to spend it on. I could boost all my low stats, but i could also try to learn Domiante from my sire. Dominate would fit the social engineering aspect of my character, although Presence would be even more appropriate. Unfortunatly my sire doesn't know Presence. I'm hoping to learn Celerity at some point, but i'm hoping i can eventually learn it from Bricriu's character. He certainly demonstrates it enough =P Celerity is probably the most abusable discipline in the game, followed by Potence.

We wraped up game about 1, and i headed home. When i got here i intended to check the web for five or ten minutes before going to bed, but ended up falling asleep on the couch =P

I noticed yesterday that my shaver stopped working. Well it sorta works, but not very well. I'm guessing this has to do with one side of the foil finally completly disintegrating a few days ago. The best i can figure is that with most of one side gone there isn't enough tension to keep the other side close to the "blades."

I also needed to get some more cat food for Cassie, and i got my tax refund a couple days ago, so i decided to make one big trip to try and take care of all that stuff.

On the way out i stopped at the gas station to fill up my tank. While it was filling i cleaned the windows and checked the windshield because i thought i heard something hit the windshield on Saturday. There is indead a new ding, of the cracky star kind. I need to remember to try using that ding fixing stuff on it in the next few days, if i can find the tube at least.

I went to the mall first to try and find the shaver foil. I'd made sure to write down the model number, Remington DF-30, and even brought the head part of the shaver along so i could do a visual comparison.

I checked at Robinson's May first, just because of Morna, and they had shavers but no replacement foils. I figured that Sears was the best bet, so i went there second. They had no directory that i could find, and after wandering around through all three floors for awhile and asking for directions a couple times i finally found the shavers. They did indeed have replacement foils. They even had Remington foils, although they included the blade as well. They has a package that said it was good for, among other model lines, DF-10, DF-20, and DF-40. It looked exactly like the foil i had as far as i could tell, and i couldn't imagine them making a set of changes they would make that would exclude the DF-30 and not later models, but i also couldn't figure out why they would specifically leave it off the list if it wasn't compatible.

I considered just buying it and trying it out, except that it cost $20 O_O I decided to check out the other deparment stores and see if they had a more specifically labeled version, or better yet, one with just the foil. I walked back to Nordstrom and they didn't even have shavers as far as i could tell. Next was JC Penny's, which had shavers, but no foils. Finally i tried Macy's, not expecting much, and my expectations were well met. More shavers but no foils.

I decided not to go back to Sears and get the possibly fitting foil. I'll try to figure out some other places to look tomorrow instead. Maybe Target?

After the mall i went to PetCo and bought cat food and cat litter and a brush. I was going to get the diet cat food, but they didn't have any large bags of the Purina brand diet cat food. However they did have something called "indoor cat formula" or something like that. It claims it will help keep indoor cats from getting chubby, i'm not sure if it's a diet formula or what, but more importantly it says it also has fiber and green stuff. Since Cassie likes eating corn, i figure she might like it :)

I went to the village after that and deposited checks. I decided i could get some lunch there since i'd just deposited $1600. I went to the Indian place, and although the people in the back were the strange new people, the guy in front was the same person who used to usually be up front. I was still a little scared to try the chicken tikki masala, so i got the palak paneer and the vegetable koorma instead. I did notice that he gave me a lot less of the vegetable koorma than usual, however it all tasted okay.

I went t the ice cream place after that and found out that they had mocha espresso! I got some of that and a half pound of mini-jawbreakers as well. In the process of being greedy for the mocha espresso i found that the single scoop cups fit a lot better in my car's cup holder than the junior scoop cups do.

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