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I just had a disturbing thought

Well, first the good news. I've got another phone interview scheduled with a seattle company for thursday morning. Unfortunatly they're a startup, and before this they've asked me if i would consider doing some consulting work before they considered a full time position. Of course given my luck with interviews it probably doesn't matter =P

But the thought that was making me go meep:

If i get a job in washington in the next month or two i can afford to move all my stuff up there and my parents have offered to let me stay with them for a few months till i've saved up enough for a deposit on an apartment.

If i get a job in southern california because i can't find one in washington quickly enough then i can just stay in this apartment until i've saved enough for a deposit on an apartment that is closer to wherever i end up working and/or closer to someplace my ashke would think was acceptable to live. (Although it would take longer since i'd be paying for my current apartment at the same time)

However Caithris would rather i find a job in Northern California than Southern California. Which is fine in theory, but if i did get a job there i'd have enough money to move all my stuff (if i get said job within a month or two at least) but i wouldn't have enough for a deposit on an apartment when i got there. Guess if that happens i'll either have to sell some stock or borrow some money from my parents =/

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