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God damn it! Why don't they tell you these things _ahead_ of time???

I had a doctors apointment scheduled for this afternoon. I figure since i'm paying almost $120 a month to keep my insurance i might as well get _some_ use out of it, so i set up a standard physical since i haven't had one in about five years.

I got up this morning about 11, and it was hot so i had two capri sun drinks. Took a shower and went to Kialyn's clinic presentation, then drove down to Orange for the apointment.

I get there, fill out the forms, get the examination. The doctor says i seem fine except i should exercise more. I agree with the needing to exercise more but i'm not so sure about his method of determining that. He said that when he was using the stethoscope on me and having me take deep breaths my heart rate sped up. Of course i get generaly nervous around doctors, and a lot more so while they're doing something to me. So he's poking at me with the stethoscope and i'm thinking "ack! i'm being poked at!" and he asks me to breathe in deep, and i'm thinking "was that a deep breath? or should i try to breathe deeper? or if i breathe _really_ deep will it screw things up?" and then he moves the stethoscope and asks me to breathe deep again, and i think "did he find something bad? or did i do it wrong the first time? what? what?" I'm not so sure any increase in heart rate was due to the effort of breathing deeply :)

So afterwards he gets me signed up to go to a lab and have them extract all the blood they need. The nurse filling out the form notes that one of the things they're testing/measuring requires fasting, so i can't go do it right now. Since i don't really want to drive back down i ask them what fasting entails, and she said 12 hours, with nothing to drink but water or black coffee. I asked her about fruit juice, and she said no, couldn't have that.

The _only_ think i'd had in the past 14 hours was 2 packs of CapriSun, but i couldn't go get the blood taken. I _told_ them ahead of time what i was coming in for, and according to the doctor it was fairly standard stuff they were testing for, don't you think they could have _mentioned_ to me that i might want to not eat or drink anything for 12 hours beforehand since i'd probably need to give blood for tests?

And fruit juice is bad, but _black coffee_ is allowed? Is the only thing allowed besides water? Sorry, 200 calories of fructose will screw up the results, but go ahead and shoot up the drugs man! If i was feeling more vindicative i'd drink about 12 cups of coffee right before coming in =P

Anyways, while i was filling out forms in the receptionist office before this, i got a call from the Men's Wearhouse saying my suit was in and i could come pick it up at any point i wanted, so i decided to do that afterwards.

The 57 started getting really crowded just as i was getting to the exit for Tonner Canyon road, so i decided to take the scenic route up Brea Canyon. Ran into a few stoplights at the end of the detour, but at the very least it wasn't any slower than the freeway. However unlike the freeway it wasn't stop and go most of the way, and was a lot prettier than the view from the highway, and i think it was quicker anyways, so it was win-win.

Since i was going down to the mall to get my suit i decided to stop at Costco and get a $1.62 lunch, then picked up suit and headed home.

Now i need to get a response to my email about when to set up a phone interview with one of the companies so i can figure out when to fast and go back to the doctor's office.

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