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I've managed to pull myself away from FFTA, since i've beat the game and after 140+ hours have a seemingly unlimited amountof leveling up ahead of me :)

I should really get back to FF9, but instead i've been playing a little Viewtiful Joe and a lot of F-Zero GX.

Emerald Cup is really annoying, They saved the really crazy tracks with a high probability of falling right off the course untill the final two levels. So you spend a fair amount of time getting through the first three tracks, only to die repeadly and fail on the last two.

However after a lot of perspiration i finally managed to beat it on both Novice and Standard, unlocking the Diamond Cup. In which i found that they decided to take the really nasty courses with a high probability of falling off and stick them right at the begining. That's somewhat of an improvement i guess, but not much =P Haven't managed to beat Diamond on any difficulty yet, although i've only tried four or five times so far.

I have managed to unlock one of the AX drivers however. Lacking an AX Arcade machine to play on, the only way to unlock them is by beating the story missions on Very Hard. I managed to do that for one of the story missions last night, and found that it unlocked one of the five female characters in the game (out of 35 or 40) so now i have an alternate to my usual driver. Her normal machine sucks, but i've been using custom machines for quite awhile now.

Now i'm trying to beat Saphire and Emerald on Expert, which is a pain in the ass. The only thing that's even giving me a chance is that i've gotten much better at killing the other racers :)

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