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You get what you pay for

The 50 cent peeler i got at Big Lots is the worst peeler i've ever used in my life. Of course i think i've used three or four other peelers max, but still. Even so it's still at least ten times better than trying to use a knife for the same purpose, so i can't complain too much :)

While i'm on the topic of kitchen stuff though, anyone know something better than the green side of a sponge for trying to scrape water out of a bowl?

I was being paranoid about Cassie's water supply when i went to visit Caithris last month, and along with the usual water things, i also put out one of my large black bowls filled with water.

I guess she didn't drink out of it much though, cause when i got back there was no water left, but it had lots of rings of white stuff encrusted inside =P I thought it was just a sad commentary on the quality of LA water until i tried to wash it out. I'm not sure if some of it is glued on _really_ tight, or if in the process of precipitating it managed to eat through the surface of the bowl, cause it's not white anymore, but the rings are still there.

I've tried scrubbing at it and running it through the dishwasher twice, and they're still there. If there's anything anybody can suggest that would work better than the sponge i'll try it, but in doing so i don't want to damage the bowl anymore than it already has been if possible.

Just imagine what that water is doing to your insides =P

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