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Synchronicity - Heather Alexander and S.M. Stirling

While looking through Amazon to find stuff to add to my wishlist i happened to think of checking to see if S. M. Stirling's next book coming out soon.

He does indeed. (Which is almost worth a post all by itself =) It's called "Dies the Fire," but they didn't have much to say about it. I looked around on the web and found "The Official S.M. Stirling webpage."

There i found that it's the first book in a planed trilogy about the "current day" world after Nantucket was sent back in time. *bounce!* I _also_ found that it has nine chapers available on the webpage for preview :)

I started going through those, and pointed them out to Morna as well who i happened to be IMing with. I was amused to note that the first "page" had some Rudyard Kipling poetry, which was amusing because i'd just finished reading another inadvertant time travel book that involved him :) However when i got to chapter two i noticed that the excerpt at the top was unatributed, but looked _very_ familiar. I reread it, and started hearing music in my head. I mentioned it to Morna and then turned on my stereo, went to CD 5, and started listening to the first five or ten seconds of each track. When Morna asked where i'd heard it from, i told her "Disc 5, track 11," which happens to be Heather Alexander's A Gypsy's Home - The Star of May Morning.

I not only recognized the song completly out of context, i happened to have the CD in my stereo at the time i read it :)

I did a little websearch to see if it was a traditional folk song that she recorded, or something of her own, and the title only turned up 11 hits, all of which mentioned Heather Alexander. I did a search on Heather Alexander and S. M. Stirling to double-check. I didn't actually find confirmation, but mainly because I found quotations from the Acknowledgements sections from two of his other books, where he thanked her for the use of "Harvest Season" in "Island in the Sea of Time," and "March of Cambreadth" in "On the Oceans of Eternity," which settles the question to my mind :)

The last time i read those (second or third time through i think) I'd certainly heard of Heather Alexander, but i hadn't heard anything of hers except "Shadow Stalker," so i didn't recognize them then. I certainly would have the next time i read through them, those are two of my (many) favorite songs of hers.

I need to get more of her CDs, as soon as i get a new job. That will have to come either before or after getting a new multi-region DVD player and a UK copy of The Last Unicorn (i've heard the US release _SUCKS_) all of which will be just before getting a new computer.

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