DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


For some reason i've been really craving chocolate lately, so i decided to go see if i could get some for cheap.

I remembered that once when i was visiting Morna in northern california we went to some kind of remaidered store, and they had big chunks of broken ghiradelli chocolate for pretty cheap. So i decided to go to Big Lots or a 99 cent store and see if i could find something similar again.

I also wanted to get some basmati rice, since costco was out of it last time i checked. So i figured i would drive east on Foothill till i saw a Big Lots or 99 cent store and check there, and after that go to Trader Joe's to get the rice, and then go to Target to get something to cook the rice in.

I found a Big Lots first, and they had no big chunks of chocolate :( However i did notice that they had a kitchen ware section. I found a medium sized pot with a lit for $5, and also got two big spoons for stiring/serving stuff, a peeler, and some chip clips. So now i didn't need to go to Target.

When i got to Trader Joe's i found that _they_ had big chunks of broken ghiradelli chocolate. However it was more expensive than i remembered it being at the other place, about $3.50 a pound. It was actually about as cheap to get the trader joe's brand dark chocolate bars, which were $1.09 for a package of three 1.75 ounce bars, and a lot more convenient that way.

I also got the basmati rice, although they only had two pound bags, some chocolate covered soy nuts, frozen blueberries, a couple of balance bars, and some apple flavored granola.

Spent about $22 at trader joe's, and $8.50 at big lots.

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