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Beef curry and eternal hot dogs

I decided to try making some beef curry tonight. I was trying to figure out what ingredients to use when i had a revelation. I had beef and potatoes and carrots, and curry powder and milk and ICBINB.

Then while thinking about the stuff i was missing that was recomended in a lot of recipies, tomatos/tomato paste, onion, garlic, rasins, etc, i realized that almost all of it is present in A1 sauce :)

So i added some of that as well. Started the potatoes and carrots boiling first. The cut the steak up into medium sized pieces and fried it a little first before adding it to the pot. Then added the curry powder and A1 sauce and some teriyaki sauce. Let it all boil lightly for about a half hour then added the ICBINB and milk and let it boil for about another 30 minutes.

I think next time i may try to do even less water. I reduced it a lot this time, but it still took awhile to get saucy, and i think that was mainly becaue the potatoes started to disintigrate =P

It came out very yummy though :) The only problem was that the beef was a little dry. Maybe i ought to stick it in more towards the end next time, but i wanted to make sure it was sufficiently cooked.

In other food news, apparently there's been a revolution in hot dog technology. I know that processed foods have a longer shelf life than one might expect, but the hot dogs i bought at costco say on the package:

"Sell by May 3004" *boggle*

I don't know if there was supposed to be a space between the 30 and the 04, or what, but i sure hope they're not actually meant to be good for the next thousand years :)

-----Hot dogs------
I got the large hebrew national kosher beef hot dogs this time. Not only do they cost less per unit weight, one of the jumbo ones makes a good meal all by itself instead of cooking two of the smaller ones.

They say "no by-products" on the package, so i'm hoping that combined with the "kosher" bit, means that they have less, or hopefully none, of the stuff you would expect to find in hot dogs based on urban legend. I have no idea how to check however. Searching on the web about what kosher means in hot dogs led me to a lot of speculation but no substantive fact.

The problem with the large ones is that i don't have any ziplock bags that will hold the package, so once i open it it's hard to seal again. In mind of that i stuck the package in the freezer when i first got them. Once i decided to cook one for lunch a few days ago i got the package out, and found that it was a lot harder to pry frozen hot dogs apart than i had been expecting.

I ran them under hot water for awhile, and either that or figuring out the right technique allowed me to finally pry one off the cluster. I then decided that i didn't want to do this every time i wanted to cook a hot dog, so i pried off a couple more (much easier after the first) and found that i could just barely fit three diagonally in the ziplock bags i have.

I then discovered that the hot dogs don't quite fit in the only pot i have =P I put some more water in the pot and managed to cover the hot dog up about 4/5ths of the way. After it had been cooking for awhile and started to swell it shortened a little and finally fit all the way, but it's kind of annoying.

And since i couldn't really seal up the package again, the next time i opened the freezer it smelled like hot dogs =P

But they are cheaper than the normal hot dogs and more convenient in other respects, so i guess i'll just deal.

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