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There are a whole bunch of frogs hopping about the battlefield and inefectively sticking their tongues out at me :)

I'm combining two of my favorite abusive tactics. I've turned everybody with good skills into a frog (and killed everyone else of course) and my mage is putting them to sleep so two of my thieves can steal items and abilities at 100% success rate, while a couple other people are force feeding potions to one of my level 50 characters for the experience. It's just one big orgy of stripping and mind-raping sleeping frogs while gang-potioning each other.

I've managed to finish all 300 "normal" missions, and i've gotten Cid now. His Advanced Law abilities are indeed awesome, but they have found a very effective way to cripple him and all the other secret characters with cool special job classes. They all come with all their skills learned and can't switch jobs. That means all they can ever do is their special class abilities and item. They'd be pretty cool if i could actually give them the abilities i wanted, but i guess they wanted to limit the insanity.

I'm doing the extra set of missions after the ending now. I'm wondering if there will be anything interesting else to do after i finish those. The random battles aren't too challenging. It's too bad there's no extra dungeon like in the original Tactics (not that i know of at least.)

I should probably make myself work on FF9 next, or maybe Viewtiful Joe. Of course i also have Fire Emblem and the Mario and Luigi RPG for GBA :)

Oh, and on a more serious note, the second recruiter i emailed _finally_ got back to me (i think they lost one of my emails somewhere along the way, and i checked, i did send it to them) and they're sending my resume to two more companies in Washington. Yay!

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