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I've been listening to Air America's webcast while going over Caithris' paper.

It's really cool, reminds me a little of the talk show on (very early) monday mornings on KLOS here in LA, except better organized.

Bush claimed that the memo that everyone is talking about didn't say anything about an attack, even though it used the word "attack" or "attacks" at least three times.

Ashcroft suddenly stopped flying on commercial airlines during the summer of 2001.

Bush has spent over 40% of his time as president on vacation.

Something about the FTC(?) either forbidding or strongly discouraging news outlets from showing pictures of coffins coming back from Iraq.

I was feeling kind of tired last night (after getting two or three hours of sleep saturday night.) I was worried about falling asleep on the couch, since i've done that three or four times in the last week, so i moved the computer into the bedroom so i could use it on the bed, which seemed to help.

Yes, i _am_ strange =P

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