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Fun with cooking!

I tried to make a curry/stew like thing for dinner tonight :)

After doing the fried tofu with teriyaki and curry a few days ago, i tried to figure out how to make somewhat the same thing with more sauce and flavor and such. I eventually decided to try and make an actual curry/stew type thing.

I wondered if it would be a little borring with just tofu, so i decided to add some potatoes since i have those lying around and i've had curries with potatoes in them as well.

So i peeled and diced the potates and put them in a pot with some water and a little salt and let them boil for a while. Then i added some curry powder and teriyaki sauce.

Then i decided that that wouldn't be strong enough, so i added some beef broth mix. Then after i thought the potatoes were getting soft enough i added the diced tofu.

But while i was doing that i got to thinking that i'd had some good curry stuff with cheese in it before, so i cut up a couple of the mini-babybel cheeses i got from costco and added them.

Unfortunatly i think i started with too much water, so it was kind of thin. Caithris suggested i should add milk, which sounded kind of weird to me. I looked around at some recipes on the web, and some of them did indeed have milk listed. However i still thought that was kind of weird, so i added some ICBINB instead since some of the same recipes had butter listed as well. They also had vinegar, so i added some rice vinegar since i had it lying around.

I then let it simmer for awhile to try and thicken it up. It helped some, but part of that was probably the cheese melting which i hadn't really intended, and the potatoes were starting to disintigrate by the end.

It definitely wasn't a curry sauce when i called it quits, it was _almost_ a curry stew. Next time i'l try less water, or maybe try adding the milk.

Very yummy though :)

All in all it took about a hour and a half to cook. Admitedly, about 45 minutes of that was simmering with occasional checking on it, but still. Good results, but a pain in the ass to actually do.

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