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After some minor drama I went out to see Hellboy with Kialyn tonight.

I thought it was pretty good, although the ending was a little anti-climatic.

There were two interesting trailers before the movie, along with a couple REALLY stupid ones. PAINFULLY stupid ones. Kialyn covered her ears and tried to hide from the stupidity. I think she had the right idea.

I'd be suprised if there was anyone who was too worried about the spoilers present in the trailers, but better safe than sorry.

The first was for I, Robot. Okay, it's been awhile, but i'm pretty damn sure that that _wasn't_ in the version of the book i read. I must have gotten one of the crack-free copies.

The plot of the movie seems to be that it's the early days of the robot production, and there's a cop(?) who doesn't like them, and tells everyone that the robots are out to get them. Then the robots all go mad and are out to get everyone.

One really has to wonder how much a movie can change the basic concept of a book before it's not even worth attaching the same title to it anymore. I can understand them needing to make some changes, but from what i can tell by the trailer, the only similarities remaining between the book and the movie are the names. If you changed everyone's name, it's doubtfull that anyone could figure out the source.

I can undertand stubbornly sticking to the name of the source material if you're doing something like a Stephen King adaption, but i'm not sure if there are really legions of hard core science fiction fans who are going to be drawn in by the name "I, Robot."

Anyways, the second trailer was for Van Helsing. Looks fairly good, although i wonder if it's really such a good idea to burn through every single monster type in existance in just the first movie. Not only are they limiting their options for sequels, but it's got to be getting awefully crowded in there.

I'm curious though, which came first, Van Helsing, or Castlevania?



Like i said, it was pretty good. A few points to consider/discuss however...

Is there some rule that mental hospitals have to have a name that starts with 'B'? :) As soon as i saw the name of the place "Bedlam Boys" started running through my head :) Whoever that actress was did a decent job of looking sunken-eyed and slightly unhinged though.

The box of kittens: My first thought was "Hellboy must have taken 'protects cats' as a flaw." I can just imagine the GM cackling, "He thought he could get away with just keeping cats in his room, but I'm going to make him _earn_ those freebie points, damn it!" :)

The ending: Damn, i never knew cthuluu was such a wuss. I think they tacked that fight on just because hey, you can't have an action movie that doesn't end in a big fight, right? Stuffing explosives down the giant monsters throat is such a cliched way to end things as well, although the method of delivery was a little unusual. The just don't make Elder Gods like they used to.

The ressurection bit also seemed to go a little too easy, although i'm not sure how it should have been done. The entire ending seemed to flow a little oddly, as if it was obvious that everything was scripted.

And what happened to the other people that went into the tomb with them? I'm sure there was at least one unacounted for.

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