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Cinnamon on top of vanilla ice cream is good :) Did i mention that i have over a _pound_ of the stuff?! 18 ounces! *cackles madly* :)

Guess what i got today? Books!

Went and hung out with Morna for awhile, and had lunch at Costco again, which she paid for since i apparently lent her some money the last time we had lunch together and then forgot about it. Then we went back to her apartment for a bit and played lots of Pokemon Puzzle League. I need to check up on the GameCube puzzle pack game that is suppoed to have the newest incarnation of that game in it.

When i got home i went by the office to check for packages, but they had a sign up saying they were out on the grounds, so i gave up and went back to my apartment. Where i found a box sitting on the porch in front of my door. I appreciate getting the books, but _damn_ i wish they would stop leaving stuff sitting out on the front doorstep!

Laurell K. Hamilton's "Seduced by Moonlight"
Mercedes Lackey's "Alta"
Robin Hobb's "Fool's Fate"
and Robert A, Heinlein's "To The Stars" (Omnibus of "Between Planets," "The Rolling Stones," "Starman Jones," and "The Star Beast"

You know, i love "The Star Beast" (the first "real" book i ever read) but thematically "Have Space Suit, Will Travel" might have been a better fit.

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