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Actually got outside today

Headed out of the apartment about 2pm to get some chores and fun done.
Went to the arcade first, and spent about an hour there.

Played a game of Virtua-On. then two games (six songs) of pseudo-ParaPara, then spent about a buck on Metal Slug 5, and then did two more games of pseudo-ParaPara. I decided to play a few games of DDR before i left. Did one set on the DDR 7th mix (i think) and one on the DDR Extreme (again, i think.)
While i was doing that second one a guy came up and offered to play against me on the first machine. Apparantly he knows a trick where if you put in the price of one game, and then hit both buttons at the same time, you get to play a vs game. However it only works on the left machine, (7th mix) and i'm not sure if it's a bug or if it was intended to be that way. So played five songs with this guy (someone else played a song with him while i was finishing up my set) and then decided it was time to head off since it was close to 3:15.

Went to the mall and checked out the watch section or Robinson's May. My watch died a day or two ago, and i wanted to buy a replacement or get a new battery for it, depending on which was cheaper. However there were a lot of people at the counter and only seemed to be one person helping them, so it was really slow. I decided to go off to GameStop and check again on my way back.

I'm trying to save money, but i told myself that if GameStop had the FFX-2 figure for $10 or less, i'd get a Yuna and Rikku to go with my Paine. (This is kinda sad, i haven't even started FF_10_ yet, much less FFX-2) They did indeed have the FFX-2 figures for $9.99 each! They had two Paines, and that was it =P

So i went back through Robinson's May, and there were two or three people working at the watch counter now, so after a few minutes of waiting i got helped. Asked them if they still had that kind of watch, they said no, asked them how much a new battery would be, was told that they don't do that kind of thing, and i would need to go "down by Macy's." Did they mean Macy's itself? Or is there some watch place next to Macy's? I didn't care enough to try and get clarification, and decided to head off to Costco since it was getting late.

Waved to Morna on the way in and out of the mall, but she had lots of customers so we didn't really get to talk.

Costco was really crowded. Had a hot dog and berry sunday for lunch, and then went inside to buy stuff.

Got some hot dogs and cheese and more cheese and yogurt and mustard and a box of airheads and a box of cup of noodles since the old box was almost out. Oh, and i bought a _huge_ thing of cinamon powder for a little over $3. I'd been looking at it at Stater Brothers when i was buying the curry, but they were selling a small bottle for about $5. This thing must hold at _least_ four or five of those bottles worth, unless they were really compacted or something :)

I wanted to get some bashmati rice, but they didn't have any :( They had three or four kinds of rice, but no bashmati.

It all would have come out to about $45, except my costco membership had expired and it cost another $45 to renew it =P But i have lots of food to eat at home now (except for rice) so i can try to be good and save more money that way. I told myself that i'm allowed to go see a movie if i don't eat out this week at all except for any time when i'm hanging out with Morna and/or Kialyn.

I really want to go see Hellboy. It looked kind of cool when i just saw the commercials, and then someone i know said it was really good, and it's currently about 76% on RottenTomatoes. The only problem is that going to the movies alone sucks =P Morna said she might be willing to go see a movie with me, but she doesn't know which movies Bricriu will want to see with her. She suggested Shaolin Soccer as an alternative if he wants to see Hellboy with her, which sounds interesting as well. I'd rather see Hellboy, but if the choice was Hellboy alone or Shaolin Soccer with her, i'd rather have the company.

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