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I am a cheater :)

I started rereading Kiss of Shadows while i was visiting my ashke, or at least i tried to. I gave Caithris my copy of the book many moons ago, in the hopes that she would read it. Although she got sucked into the Anita Blake books, she didn't like the faerie books as much on first reading, and i believe gave up on it before getting very far into the book =P

But in any case, she had the book, so i intended to get it back from her while i was there. Only problem was she had no clue where it was. We checked all her bookshelves, i spent some time peering around her bedroom and checking under things for it while she was tied up on the net, but no sign. So while we were up visiting Rahvina and Sarisa we went to a Barnes and Nobles, so i gave up and bought another copy (along with several other books, including the new revisions of the Magician books by Raymond E. Feist)

So after finishing up an interesting book by a newish author i'd been reading (Jude Fisher's Sorcery Rising) i started in on Kiss of Shadows on the plane flight home.

So yesterday Caithris calls me and tells me that she finally found the book, it was stuck in a corner of her desk, which was one of the few places i hadn't checked since i didn't want to bother her by crawling around between her legs while she was at the computer =) On the plus side maybe this means that she'll get around to reading it, sometime, eventually ;)

So i finished up Kiss of Shadows last night, and at about 3 am i decided that before i started the second book i ought to order the third book from SFBC, since it just came out recently. I was happy to find that it was only $10, so not that much cheaper than i could get it for when it comes out in paperback. I also got Alta (by Mercedes Lackey, and sequel to Joust which i also read on the trip) Fool's Fate (by Robin Hobb, so that we don't ruin Caithris' signed copy) and a Heinlein anthology. It came to just over $50 with almost $9 for shipping.

Today when i got home from hanging out with Morna, i found an email in my inbox from SFBC saying that they were having a special deal where if you buy 2 or more books they pay for shipping. I was really annoyed by this, but had the foresight to check the account page on the website. They said my order was still open! So i canceled the order, and immediatly reordered the exact same set of books, and this time there was no shipping! Woohoo! I wonder if they'll notice :)

I really ought to start doing book reviews again. Bad lazy me =/

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