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I have no idea how that interview went. Is it a good sign or an indifferent sign if they ask you if you have any questions at the end? (Which i can never think of any. The stuff i'd really want to ask would either be presumptuous or the answers would be confidential) If they're not interested at all do they just say goodbye? Or do they still ask if you have any questions just to be polite.

At first he said he was suprised that i wanted a job as a junior programmer given my work history. I told him that i'd only been in the industry for four years, and that i hadn't really had any experience at senior level programming stuff.

He asked me about what i did on the previous games i worked on, which i handled reasonably well. Then he asked me a lot of strange questions about C++ that i couldn't figure out if they were simple or deep. Like "If you have a function that accepts two argument pointers and a function that inherets from it that also accepts an int, what would a sizeof of that function return?" What? I used sizeof on strings and such all the time, is there some obvious reason to use sizeof on a function? I have no idea if it would just return the size of the pointer to the function, or the size of the arguments it takes, or what.

He asked me what the relation between a pointer and an int was, to which i gave the confused reply "well, you can have a pointer to an int," so he clarified "would you expect them to be the same size?" To which i initially answered yes but started wondering if it was a trick question, and then hedged that it depended on the hardware, that i'd expect them to be the same size but if it was really important i would cast them to a specific type to be sure.

There was another question about something like how to rotate one matrix with relation to another matrix which i totally flubed on. I hate interviews. I'm just fine _doing_ this stuff. I did lots of vector math on Spawn, i don't remember if i did much matrix stuff or if it was all vectors, but if they gave me some task that involved rotating matrices it would take five minutes to look up how to do it and then i'd do it.

The whole interview lasted about 25 minutes, after which he said he'd found out all he needed to know, then asked me about the any questions bit. Not sure if the short time is a good sign or bad sign either. It is just a preliminary interview, but still.

I hate interviews.

Okay, should go do laundry and pack now

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