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Movie randomness

Movies coming out this year that i'm at least somewhat interested in, pending actual information about their quality of course.

Well, that i can get somewhat interested in before the fact. There will probably be some other movies, romantic comedies and such, that will be well done and i'll want to see when they come out, but that i'm not particularly excited about ahead of time. Sci-fi and action tend to be the genres that build the most suspense beforehand (and have the most disapointment after the fact)

Hellboy - April 2nd
Kill Bill Volume 2 (at least if i get around to seeing the first one and like it) - April 16th
Van Helsing - May 7th
Troy - May 14th
Shrek 2 (maybe, doesn't really seem like a movie that was well set up for a sequel though) - May 21st
Harry Potter - June 4th
The Chronicles of Riddick (what the hell? This sounds like some third rate science fiction movie, but it's starring Vin Diesel. How have i not heard of it before?) - June 11th
Garfield the Movie (? That may just be a little too scary) - June 25th
Spider-Man 2 (Dr. Octopus should _not_ look like that!) - July 2nd
King Arthur - July 7th
A Cinderella Story (might be good) - July 16th
I, Robot (oh please don't let Will Smith or anyone else fuck this one up) - July 16th
The Village (no idea what this is, except that it's by M. Night Shyamalan, so it might be good) - July 30th
Alien vs. Predator (after the years and years people have been clamoring for this, it better be good!) - August 6th
Blade: Trinity - August 13th
The Incredibles (might be good, might be stupid) - November 5th
Alexander (What is it with all the ancient historical action movies this year?) - November 5th
The Ring 2 (I'm theoretically interested in this because The Ring was a fairly well done movie whose plot was imported from Japan. I had my eyes closed for a lot of it though, so i'm not sure if i'll actually go to see the sequel) - November 10th
The Brothers Grimm (It's by Terry Gilliam and starring Heath Ledger and Matt Damon, might be good :) - November 19th
Deep Rescue (Well, it has space shuttles, so it's sorta sci-fi :) - December 1st
The Phantom of the Opera - December 4th

Any suggestions for anything i missed?

How many of those will i actually end up watching? Very few probably, since i have no one to go to movies with right now, and probably won't for most of the year.

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