DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

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Um, yeah

Got a wonderful email today:

"Subject: she will thank you yo6mm41

zymotechnics zolotnik zoospermia zoophytal zoosphere zoomancy zosters
zoogloeae zygomaticoauricular zoophilist zymotechny zymology zyme
zygosphenal zumatic zyzzyva zoster zoril zootomist zoocoenocyte zooplasty
zoosphere zumbooruk zones zoochemy zoonule zoophytal zoo zoogloeal



zooecia zymolysis zoophism zoster zooecial zygophoric zymotoxic
zoroastrians zoophagus zoografting zoneless zymotic zoospermium zymophore
zoocurrent zoomorphism

& Safezoonoses andMGDKYEDVZnatural
& TestedRCVZKOCandXYLXYXBapproved

zygospore zoopharmacological zoophytic zooter zoocystic zymosis
zymotechny zoothecial zuni zoolith zygosporophore zootoxin zoocyst
zoocytium zugtierlaster zygoses zoopraxiscope zoogamy zymolysis zonula
zone zonulas zoocultural zoographically zoonic zoolatry zooidiophilous
zymosimeter zoosporous zymogenes zygotomere zooplanktonic zoomorphism
zooblast zymophore zoomanias zygomaxillare zygophore zooflagellate
zooscopy zygotomere zootheism zygogenesis zygomaticus zoogleal zoogene
zoodendrium zoologicobotanical zonally"

So, um, Caithris, i guess the "her" they speak of would have to be you. Would you thank me if i, um, i'm not sure, did something involving zolotniks?

Oh wait, i think they want to sell me a montly supply of safe zoo noses. *boggle* I guess they are shipped in tablets that are bigger than the competition's?

Clearly they're trying to get around spam detectors, which is ironic because SpamAssassin gave this one of the highest spam ratings i've seen in the short time i've been using it :) And it really wouldn't be that hard to add a rule checking to see if 'z' occurs more than 1% of the time.

One has to wonder though, even if it worked as intended, what good does it do to get through the spam guards if the person who recieves it can't even tell what they're selling anymore? I can make a pretty good guess, but still.

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