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News roundup

Just cause i'm bored and there's been lots of news lately

Firefighters and the families of those killed in the 9/11 attacks are pissed off at Bush's use of WTC footage in his campaign commercials. His attempt to politicize the attacks (even more) has pissed a lot of the rest of us off too, but i can understand the opinions of those who were directly affected being given more weight.

A couple weeks ago Ted Rall's weekly editorial was about the sabotaging of Howard Dean's campaign. I missed it at the time, but it's nice to see at least a little media attention on the issue, even if it is mostly limited to left-wing editorials.

His latest column is about the Bush administration's role in the Haiti coup Pretty scary stuff, but depresingly not that suprising for the CIA and co, especially under Bush. It's alleged that the US supplied weapons to the rebel troops, and it's claimed that there were ulterior motives to Bush refusing to send marines to Haiti until _after_ the Haitian president fled, even though he was asked for and refused to give help before that.

A filmmaker named Morgan Spurlock has created a documentary about eating only at McDonalds for a month. Suprise suprise he felt crappy, gained 25 pounds and his cholesterol shot up 60 points. McDonald's announced a few days ago that they plan to phase out the super-size option by year's end, however they claim it has nothing to do with this documentary, which hit the Sundance Film Festival in January.

J.K Rowling is thinking about selling out some more She's refusing to promise that she won't write more than seven Harry Potter books. Refusing to promise not to isn't that significant, except that previously she apparently had said outright that there would only be seven books so the media is reading a lot into that statement. More importantly, she said that she's intending to revise all the books once she's finished the series. Is that really necessary? Or does she just want to provide a second set of books for everyone to buy? The real question is if she's going to stick to fixing grammer and the occasional inconsistency, or if she's going to try and "improve" them ala George Lucas and Star Wars.

The Firefly movie has been greenlighted, and is scheduled to come out in 2005. I'm glad that they got a movie, but i'm kind of annoyed that a crappy show like "The Family Guy" is getting a second chance while Firefly gets to continue rotting in TV hell. *sigh* maybe if the movie does really well...

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