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Guess who has green tea flavor back for the moment? :)

My interview for today got rescheduled for next week. Well, technically just scheduled, since there wasn't ever any cofirmation of the first proposal. I got the email last night and didn't see it till this morning, so i didn't have the chance to ask them if they really meant to schedule it for Wednesday March 10th instead of Wednesday March 3rd, or if they or my recruiter had a miscomunication along the way.

Went to the village after that and got my refund and deposited my check. Spent $8 for breakfast/lunch/dinner at the Indian place, spent $20 on used CDs at Rhino Records, and spent $2 at the ice cream place. The cashier at the record store was a cute girl wearing a Serial Experiments Lain t-shirt :)

Now to watch more Stargate while talking to my ashke.

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