DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

More wowness

It's an incredibly clear night out. Even with the intermitent clouds there's a ton of really bright stars out and a really bright moon. Of course this is LA we're talking about, so this is a relative "lots" we're speaking of. Two dozen, three dozen tops :)

I get bonus points because i've actually done some of what they want to hire somebody for, creating all the menus and huds for the game they're working on. However he didn't think i sounded that enthusiastic about doing that stuff again. They want someone who will be really gung ho about doing the user interface, which i think is a bit unlikely. At every company i've been at the people working on the UI have been somewhat resigned to the fact, occasionaly with enthusiasm tempered with annoyance.

The slightly annoying bit is that the project they're working on is an Xbox 2 game. It would also be for a first person type game, which isn't my absolute favorite, but i'm more concerned about the Xbox 2 bit.

Of course on the plus side they are a relatively well known company, so if i got a job there i might end up working on something i liked better.

Morna was feeling lonely earlier, so i went and hung out with her for about an hour at Del Taco. I stopped to get mail on the way home afterwards, and found some junkmail from someone who wanted me to vote for them in the primary. Um, little late guys. I know junkmail is pretty inexpensive, but it's still a waste of money if it doesn't show up till after the election. Of course i think junk mail is a waste anyways, but oh well.

Should go to bed as soon as this Stargate episode is finished so i can get up early tomorrow and be ready for the second interview.

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