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It's a really beautiful day outside. Bright blue sky, puffy grey and white clouds, brilliant white snow on the mountains.

Woke up at 8, managed to get out of bed and into the shower about 8:30.

Went to the manager's office and paid rent for the month and checked for packages (nothing yet ashke) then walked to the voting place since my polling location is in the apartment complex next to this one :)

Came back here and finished up the application to Humongous (they wanted me to fill out an application that asks pretty much the same set of questions as was on my resume =P) then drove to King's Copies and printed it out and faxed it to my recruiter. Drove over to Best Buy and they had stacks and stacks of Stargate Season 6, in at least three different sections :) So got one of those, and then drove up to the Del Taco on Foothill for a quick cheap lunch. There were a couple cute girls in line behind me, one of whom looked pretty geeky :)

Stopped by Stater Brothers on the way back and got some pop and milk and soap and frozen raspberries. The supermarket strike ended yesterday so i could have gone to Albertson's, but now that i know it exists the Stater Brothers is so much more convenient. Sucks for Albertsons.

All i've got left to do is stop by the village to get my refund from the UPS store and to deposit my unemployment check. I could have done those just now when i was out, but i was being conservative to make sure i got back in time, and ended up with about 45 minutes to spare.

I hope getting my unemployment check the day before the first of two interviews isn't a bad omen =P

Now it's time to sit and wait for the phone to ring.

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