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Final Fantasy Concert

For those who don't read Games Are Fun or Slashdot Games or any such site, it's been announced that on May 10th there is going to be a Final Fantasy concert in LA, titled "Dear Friends." (And for those who aren't clued in, ie most of my friends list, that's also the title of the Final Fantasy 5 arranged CD =)

This is the first offifical Final Fantasy concert outside of Japan.

My first thought was, woohoo!!! :) My second thought was, oh shit, i'll hopefully have moved up to washington by that point. My third thought was, wait a minute, isn't my sister's wedding on May 8th or 9th? :)

I need to double check the date (note, should call my parents tomorrow, it's been two or three weeks) but if so that could be really convenient :) Whenever i (hopefully) get hired, i'll have to let them know that i need that weekend off anyways, i can just ask for that day off too. I'll be in the area anyways, i'll just need to get a rental car or check the Metrolink times. *bounce!*

Of course upon further reflection i realized that since the concert is scheduled for just before E3, that presents certain other complications.

I _need_ to get that time off anyways, but being the weekend before E3 may be a hinderance. A lot of california game companies or hella busy that weekend trying to get their demos ready. I don't know how out of state companies handle it since they can't as easily finish the code up the night before and drive the new build out to LA :) If i let them know right when i'm hired i should still be able to get the time off, but i don't know if they'll be happy about it.

It will also be interesting if they fly people down to E3 or allow people to take the time off and make their own plans. I'd either have to take the whole week off, which would be a bit much since the open floor doesn't start till wednesday or thursday, or fly back up Monday evening and back down again on thursday or friday =P

Oh, and 8-bit Theater had a great comic bit about the setup in the early Final Fantasy worlds :)

RM: All we have to do to defeat Lich is destroy the Earth Orb.
Thief: Which we can't do without destroying the entire world.
RM: Who designed this campaign setting?
Why would you include four points of such catastrophic weakness that tampering with any of them results in the destruction of the global ecosystem?
It makes NO sense!
A kind and loving creator would never do this, and a cruel one would simply have made the air out of acid!
And it wouldn't have evolved on its own as there's no advantage ito living in a orld poised on the brink of annihilation!

Ok, really time for bed now

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