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Been watching lots of Stargate season 5, and i suddenly thought of it in terms of a Civ type game. The Goa'uld just finished researching the Improved Shields advance, and are trying to take as much advantage of it as possible before the other players research it as well :)

I just finished watching the last episode of the season tonight, and my ashke happened to tell me that Season 6 comes out on DVD tomorrow! I'll have to stop by Best Buy and see if they have it in while i'm out doing chores.

I've been reading up on the issues for the elections tomorrow. I'm both amused and annoyed by the "arguments" in the voters guide which would probably get flaged as spam by spamassassin. The Con for Prop 56 is especially bad. "If Prop. 56 passes, expect HIGHER CAR TAXES, GAS TAXES, INCOME TAXES, SALES TAXES, TAXES on HOMEOWNERS. Don't give Sacramento a BLANK CHECK. California Taxpayers' Association recommends: NO, NO, NO on 56!"

I'd already decided to vote for 56, but if i hadn't i would be strongly tempted to change my mind in the face of such blatent FUD tactics.

I'm thinking i'll vote against 57, not sure about 58. 58 sounds okay, but it seems to be tied to 57 in ways i don't fully understand. Unfortunatly it looks like both will pass because of the millions of dollars Arnold is spending to promote them =/

Should go to bed soon, i need to get up at 8ish if i'm going to be sure i get everything done before i need to be back at 2pm for my phone interview.

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