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Hanging out and yet more shopping

Got up a little early today so i could take a shower before hanging out with Morna. Picked her up about 11 and we went to Baja Fresh for breakfast/lunch (wow, not del taco =)

We went back to my apartment after that and finished watching Circle. Since we still had some time to kill we decided to do some shopping stuff.

I dug out the Best Buy card that work gave me for christmas 2002 and we checked the back, and it said there was no expiration, and it was a $100 card!. So we headed off in a mall-like direction and stopped at Best Buy. I looked at Civ3, but it was $40 there as well, so i decided against it. I checked the anime section, and there was no new Last Exile, and i couldn't remember if i'd bought the third Final Fantasy Unlimited or not, so i passed on that.

I did get the Stargate Season 5 box set though, for $51. Then we started looking through the bargain bin section. I got Joan of Arc because it was only $6, and girls in armor are cool :) Morna also found The Neverending Story and Y Tu Mama Tambien in another section for $10 each, so i decided to get those as well. When we finished i still had $16 on the card that i need to spend on something in the future.

After that Morna wanted to go to the pet store and get some stuff for her kitty. While she was getting that i looked at the kitty toys, because cassie managed to break her favorite feather on a strong on a stick toy. I got two new ones, a large one with really poofy feathers, and a small one with normal feathers. I also got a few foam balls, although they're not as nice as the ones they had at Target but don't seem to any more :(

Cassie seems to like the small feather thing better. She's plays with the poofy one a little, but seems not quite sure what she's supposed to do with it. Sometimes she even seems intimidated by its poofyness :)

Morna said the video game store that was next to the pet store had good prices on used games, so we went to check it out. Lots of console games, but almost no PC games, and no Civ3 =/

I dropped Morna off at the mall and went inside to see if i could find a phone book so i could look up where the closest EB was, The mall has lots of phones, but no phone books =P So i came home after that and looked up EB on the web. I called up the only one within a reasonable distance and asked them if they had any used copies of Civ3. They went and checked and said no, they only had it new for $30 =P

Guess i'm just going to have to give up one of these days.

Spent the afternoon and evening hanging out at home, reading, watching new Stargate episodes, giving Kialyn a quick ride home from campus, and talking to my ashke. So somewhat productive, but not really.

This weekend i need to remember to decide about getting stuff at Wizards of the Coast. I should probably just bite the bullet and do it, because knowing me i'll never make it down to the Block at Orange to check prices there. If i ever do make it down with my luck i'll find that they're out of what i want or they've closed up the rest of the stores.

I should really get to sleep now so i can try to get up early for cartoons :)

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